Skin care products are super weak?

You should initially_1

Skin care products are super weak?
You should initially

After using various skin care products, I really feel that they are very weak and can not achieve the desired skin care effect. What should we do at this time?

  1. Double clean your skin. If you make up every day, then set up a good habit of double cleansing.

First, remove makeup and sunscreen products with a mild cleansing oil or cream.

Next, use a facial cleanser that soothes and promotes skin regeneration. Massage the skin from the bottom up to thoroughly cleanse the skin, prevent makeup and dirt from removing pores.

Note that retinal skin is also within the scope of your cleansing.

  2. Anti-wrinkle cream is always ready to experience the increase of age, we are more and more sensitive to wrinkles.

In particular, melanin accumulates under the eyes, making the skin look saggy and droopy, and the fine lines on the eyes are more obvious.

In order to reduce the fine lines, please prepare a wrinkle filling essence in the bag, which usually contains silicon, which can instantly penetrate and moisturize the fine lines.

In this way, you can laugh without worry.

  3. Ready for sun protection potential. Do you have the same experience? At the same time that the sunscreen overcomes the isolation of ultraviolet rays, the complexion and refreshing skin are shielded, and the face is like wearing a fake mask.

Try this little method: add one or two drops of light and shadow solution to about one teaspoon of sunscreen and mix it before applying, immediately help you as dull and greasy mask as possible.

  4. Let the BB oil light up the life of the skin. The skin always looks dull, and the lustrous face makes the visual effect more vibrant, and it is a natural “makeup product” for plain beauty lovers.

Please use bb oil for daily skin care. Choose three to four nights a week to avoid eye area before going to bed and apply on the entire face.

Jasmine extract is rich in anti-oxidant ability, which can effectively improve the complexion and make the skin full of girly gloss.

Even if you have oily skin, you can use it with confidence.

  5. Eat less sweet food. Everyone seems to know the relationship between sugar and skin health. But do you really take less sugar into action?

Sugar is one of the culprits that disrupts hormones and induces acne. Eating more sugar is like being gentle with a sweet killer.

Even for staple foods, nutritionists recommend trying low-sugar foods such as sugar-free dark bread.

  6. Applying cucumber to eyes and skin care. Cucumber has the effect of calming and soothing the skin. If you want to maximize the effect of cooling the skin, cut a whole cucumber into pieces, put it in gauze, and relax on the sofa.On the top, tilt your head back slightly and cover the eyes with the cucumber bag. This method is more effective than simply pasting two cucumber slices under the eyes. The essence of cucumber can fully cover the eye skin, making the puffyBoth eyes became energetic within 5 minutes.

  7, more vitamin A supplements containing vitamin A skin care products are the main force in today’s anti-aging skin care products, and quite a few women are aloof, because vitamin A products are easy to cause skin sensitivity.

Yes, use pea-sized Vitamin A skin care products every other day.

Once your skin becomes reddish with Vitamin A, use a mild antioxidant moisturizer.

  8, spray and moisturizing milk one must not be less if you use a moisturizing spray, then you must absorb the moisturizing milk later, if you just use the moisturizing spray, the moisture on the facial skin will still quickly evaporate, soBecome drier.

In addition, a spray containing glycerin and vitamin E will make the skin more moisturized.