TCM believes that people have 9 types of constitution

TCM believes that people have 9 types of constitution

In life, I often encounter such a situation: the same drink a cold drink, some people have nothing to eat, and some people diarrhea as soon as they drink; the same is staying up late, and some people will stay up late the next day,Some people’s skin is still smooth and clean; they are also scratched by the table for a while, and some people just rub it, while others immediately become dark.

  Chinese medicine should be broken: it has a lot to do with the different constitutions of everyone.

A Chinese physician in Hangzhou Wanchengzhitang told reporters: “Physique is divided into 9 types, but one person may occupy a good part, and physical fitness is not constant for life, changes in the environment and lifestyle will occur.

If you want to know what kinds of constitutions you have, you can do it by taking a questionnaire.

“The reporter went to experience it yesterday afternoon.

“If you know your physical fitness, you can choose a health regimen that suits you, and the effect may be better.

“” You like to be quiet and too lazy to talk? ”

“, The answer is related to physical fitness.

  After entering the reporter’s identity information on the computer, a long list of translations pops up on the screen facing you: “Do you like quietness, and don’t bother to talk?

“,” Is your upper eyelid swollen than others?

“,” Are you dull or prone to brown spots? ”

“” Are your lips redder than the average person?

“. 60 translations, which were done in less than 5 minutes.

The reporter received a physical fitness report: Qi deficiency and blood stasis, and more than two pages of health management guidance, including diet and exercise recommendations.

  According to Wan Chengzhitang’s TCM physician, this physique detection system was designed by the founder of TCM physiology, Professor Wang Qi of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and asks the patient’s physical condition just like TCM.

The system contains 9 kinds of constitutions: peace, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, qi deficiency, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, qi depression, stasis, and idiosyncrasy.

  ”Apart from the peaceful constitution, the other eight species are biased constitutions, just as they can move forward smoothly in calm and calm waves, but a little wind and wave shakes and shifts the course of the course.

“People’s constitutions are actually mixed, most of them are mixed, but there is always a main theme.

  The reporter asked: “I often stay up all night. Although I am still young, I have a fever and a cold every month. In recent days, my throat is aching and my appetite is not very good. Is it related to my physique?


So like you, now you need to eat some spleen and damp food, this season can eat sugar cane, horseshoe.

Wan Chengzhitang’s TCM physician said that although this traditional Chinese medicine constitution detection method is different from the traditional “look and hear”, but this is the 9 standards that Professor Wang Qi summarized have common standards and the diagnosis is still very accurate.

During Wan Chengzhitang’s free consultation, 1,000 health check-up numbers will be generated for everyone to do a TCM physical examination for free.

  Young people staying up late, it is best to drink barley tea and strengthen the spleen. Wan Chengzhitang Chinese medicine practitioners said that health care should pay attention to time and place, and the best health is to find something suitable for you.

  Spring is windy and windy, and some people get sick as soon as the wind blows; Chinese medicine believes that people with weak spleen and weak spleen and stomach are prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea; if others are infected with wind and cold, the spleen and stomach will be affected immediately.

He suggested that you can eat some spleen food this season.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spring belongs to the wood and corresponds to the liver.

The main function of the liver is to regulate the running of qi and blood in the whole body. If the qi in the liver is uncomfortable, the qi and blood circulation in the whole body will be disordered, and digestive dysfunction and hypertension will appear.

  In spring, among the nine constitutions, people with “qi stagnation” and “blood deficiency” constitutions will have more problems. Therefore, these two constitutions are most vulnerable to windy and rainy springs, and they also needConservation.

  ”Horseshoe is a particularly good spleen food. If you don’t have diabetes, you can eat some sugarcane.

Wan Chengzhitang suggested that if young people like journalists stay up late, they can drink barley tea, which can play a role in nourishing the heart and spleen, and nourishing the liver.

  Nine kinds of physique spring nursing star index: 1, Yang deficiency constitution ★★★★★ Afraid of cold, wear long-sleeved shirt even in the hottest time.

  2, Yin deficiency constitution ★ ★ ★ afraid of heat, like to eat ice cream in winter.

Sleeping palms and feet.

  3. Wet phlegm constitution ★★★★ Excessive, thick tongue coating and heavy limbs.

  4. Hot and humid constitution ★★★★ An oily face and acne-prone face, prefer spicy food.

  5, Qi deficiency constitution ★ ★ ★ talk weakly, whispered.

  6, blood stasis constitution ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ freckles, butterfly spots, often appear inexplicable bruises.  7, Qi depression physique ★★★★★ Anxiety and fragility.

  8, special constitution ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ easy to allergies.

  9, peace and quality ★ ★ strong adaptability, rarely sick.