What time is the best time for sex life?

What time is the best time for sex life?

What time is it to spend sex in a day and night?

  Too many couples are very concerned about this issue, and sexologists are constantly exploring and studying it.

Sexual life time arrangements should usually consider two issues; one is to have sex without fatigue, and the other is to have a full rest and recovery time after sex.

Judging from the current practice of sexual life, there are basically three kinds of statements.


hzh {display: none; }  一,有人认为,以晚上时间为好。  The so-called evening, generally refers to about 22 o’clock, for a considerable number of people, this is the time to fall asleep.

People who hold this view believe that sexual activity requires physical exertion. During this period of time, they can live a sexual life. After they have finished, they can fall asleep immediately, so that both sides can get enough rest. The next day, they can maintain sufficient energy. Second, some people think thatIn the morning, it is about 6 o’clock.

  Those who hold this opinion believe that after a night of rest, physical strength has been restored and there is a better advantage in sex life.

In addition, from the physiological point of view, the concentration of adrenal hormones in the human body is the highest, and the sexual desire is also the strongest at this time.

Through this period of sexual life, you can enter sexual excitement in a short time.

Although I did not get a break in time after sexual intercourse, I immediately wanted to work and study in the military, but the physical strength of one-time living was not great.

Sexual life in the morning, to judge whether it is suitable for you after the sex life without feeling of fatigue and discomfort.

  Third, some people advocate that it is best to sleep for a few hours, and wake up to have sex again.

  People who hold this view believe that modern people have a faster pace of life. After eight hours of study and work, they are mostly tired. In the evening, they want to enjoy a relaxed night life and want to carry out necessary social interactions.Sleeping late at night, in this case, sexual life, physical strength, relaxation, and leisure may not be satisfactory to both parties.

If you get a good night’s sleep and get the necessary rest, your physical strength and energy will be restored, and you can sleep for hours after your sexual intercourse.

  Each of the above three statements has its own perspectives, each with its own merits.

It is also difficult to say which time has an absolute advantage or disadvantage. However, for a part of the couple’s habits, the first statement is the most common.

In fact, the choice of sexual life time, the initiative in the hands of each couple, and what time to live sex should be determined according to the work of both parties, the arrangement of learning, the body, the interests, the mood, and the habits and preferences of sexual life.

For example, people with weak sexual functions choose to make up for their weaknesses in the early morning; people who work hard can choose to maintain strong working energy before going to bed.

  In short, there is no certain rule for the time of sex life. As long as the husband and wife jointly recognize and like it, it does not affect each other’s work and study the next day. No matter what time is chosen, it is not necessary to force it.