He said,Husband and wife are equal,There is no distinction between high and low,Don’t say that Huo Lu’s two families match,Even if Huo Yunhe is really a prince,She is really Cinderella,Nor should I lower myself to the dust just to cater to him。

But she thinks,Two people want to be together,Must avoid the edge,To tolerate each other,Huo Yunhe can bear his own little temper,Why can’t she tolerate his domineering?
She doesn’t think her change is wrong,But she still listened to what Lu Liang said,He said:“People who truly love each other will find their position,When he treats you like a princess,He is the prince;When he treats you as a slave,Then he is a servant。”
Loving someone can accommodate all his shortcomings,But tolerance is not tolerance,And she,Is to bear it blindly。
Willow is confused,Mom loves dad,Love to the point of losing oneself,Dad loves her too,Love to the point of breaking principles,They are together,Isn’t it just to tolerate each other??
wrong,Mom was forbearance at first,Now is tolerance。
Lu Liang’s guidance is like an initiation,Let the willow mao stop,Yes,Love someone,You should show your true self in front of him,After all, no one can wear a mask for a lifetime。
If one day,He found that he was not as beautiful as he thought,When leaving,Do you really want to beg him to stay??
answer.Is uncertain。
Nothing happened,Everything is too early,Willow shakes his head,Look at the hurrying passers-by,The eyes that lost their focus gradually began to focus,Maybe one day,They are not satisfied with each other anymore,This love is coming to an end。
A feeling of inexplicability lingers in my heart,Yangliu doesn’t know what this is,of course,She was about the unoccupied event of separation from Huo Yunhe,Still very reluctant。
No regrets after working hard,Invite him out to play at night,Confess his identity to him when he is happy,And then ask for his forgiveness,Everything elseOKUp?
but,The plan does not change fast,I didn’t wait for her to ask him,DOne of the city’s cooperation projects went wrong,He has to rush over to deal with it,Originally planned to be back in a week,Who knows it took a month to finish processing。