Tianshalong doesn’t have much strength anymore!

This is the perfect opportunity to kill it!!
The cage river rushes on the body of the dragon,Bruised it all over。
Those scales on the body are completely dim,Including the dark crystal horns on the head like a crown,There is no difference between ordinary limestone!
Tiansha Dragon swayed,After being crushed and suppressed by this river,Its breath is weaker,Even Li Li’s body can’t do it。
It wags its tail,Try to escape……
This scene is too familiar to the Sea Eagle Emperor!
When it was just an ordinary eagle,It hunts and kills poisonous snakes on the vast plains,Once the snake leaned down,And twisting most of his body while scurrying on the flat ground,It’s panicking!
Dragon King??
To this magic island,It’s just a small winged snake!
The sea eagle emperor wins the pursuit,It flies low,The sharp diamond claws even rubbed against the earth rock to make a harsh sound,This sound will make the prey more panic!
Chased to the end of the valley,That is a crack waterfall,Suddenly the Sea Eagle King accelerates,The wings are leaning to the sides,Keep yourself parallel to the river ground while maintaining high speed,The sharp claws pinched precisely towards the head of the dragon!!
This blow,Deadly enough,You can grab the brains of the Dragon King!