Foot massage effectively treats vulvar itching

Foot massage effectively treats vulvar itching

[Introduction]Vulvar itching is a more common symptom in gynecological diseases.

Itching usually occurs in the clitoris and labia minora. In severe cases, it can spread to the entire vulva and around the anus.

Infants, young adults, and elderly women occur, but the vast majority are menopausal women.

  The degree of itching varies from light to intermittent, paroxysmal, and severe to sustainable, and restlessness affects life, work, and rest, making people weak, nagging, irritable, and highly neurotic.

The skin of the affected area can be severe due to repeated irritation and scratching.

  Massage the part 1.
Foot reflex area: celiac plexus, liver, heart, spleen, kidney, bladder, ureter, gonad.

  2.Foot reflex area: lumbar spine, sacrum, urethra and vagina, prostate or uterus, inner coccyx.

  3.Foot lateral reflex area: gonads, outer tailbone.

  4.Front foot reflex zone: inguinal canal, upper body lymph node, lower body lymph node.

  Common techniques1.
Bottom reflex zone: thumb finger method, forefinger joint point method, thumb joint scraping method, pressing method, index finger scraping method, thumb pushing method, rubbing method, fist surface tapping method, etc.

  2.Foot reflex zone: scrape the lateral edge of the index finger, press, thumb push.

  3.Lateral reflex zone of the foot: scraping of the lateral edge of the index finger, pressing method, thumb pushing method, tapping method, etc.

  4.Front foot reflex zone: thumb finger point method, index finger joint method.