Five nourishing kidney medicated porridge

Five nourishing kidney medicated porridge

Click to buy Many people want to replenish the kidney but don’t know where to start. Today, Xiaobian recommends several kidney nourishing medicinal porridge for you to support your kidney while living a healthy life.

  Five types of medicinal porridge for nourishing the kidney 1, black rice and red date porridge with sesame into the kidney meridian, which can nourish the liver, nourish the kidney and solidify the essence, nourish the blood, black hair, and strengthen the brain; walnut flavor and sweetness, temperature, kidney, lung meridian, and kidneyFilling, intellectual and brain function.

Long-term consumption will strengthen the kidneys, solid teeth, and good teeth.

  Ingredients: 30 grams of sesame, 30 grams of walnut kernels, 100 grams of glutinous rice.

  Method: Put sesame, walnut kernels and glutinous rice into the pot together, add water to cook porridge, replace breakfast.

  2. Chestnut Laba Porridge. Laba porridge with chestnut as the main ingredient is a dietary method that is very good for kidney.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that “chestnut is sweet and warm, enters the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridian . Lili treats kidney deficiency, waist and leg weakness, and can pass through the kidney and nourish qi.”

Sun Simiao, a health enthusiast in the Tang Dynasty, also said, “Li chestnuts, kidney fruit, kidney disease should be eaten.

“Materials: red beans, soy beans, red dates, chestnuts, walnut kernels, lotus seeds, ginkgo, barley kernels, raisins, wolfberry.

  Method: first soak the red beans, soybeans, lotus seeds, barley and red dates with warm water for 4 hours; soak the main rice and glutinous rice 1 hour in advance according to the ratio of 1: 2, remove the chestnut and ginkgo for use; first soak the red beans, Soy beans, barley, lotus seeds are cooked in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. After the gas is automatically released, add walnut kernels, ginkgo, chestnut, rice, glutinous rice, red dates and cook for 7-8 minutes; add raisins and wolfberry before leaving the pot.

  3, Suyang mutton porridge Li Shizhen once said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “mutton can warm up the deficiency, tonify the qi, appetizing and fitness, kidney qi, nourish the gall and brighten the eyes, treat the cold and cold, five labor and seven injuries”.
In other words, mutton is a kind of meat that has the functions of warming and strengthening the body and invigorating the kidneys and yang.

Cynomorium lamb congee has the effects of nourishing kidney yang and replenishing essence, and is suitable for insufficiency of kidney yang, impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility, cold pain in waist and knee, frequency of nocturia, chills and cold.

  Materials: 10 grams of Suoyang, 100 grams of mutton, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Chop the mutton and set aside.

Then pour Suoyang into the pot and dewater it to remove the residue. After 10 minutes, pour the lamb and cook the rice together to make porridge, which can be added according to personal taste.

  4, Longan yam porridge Longan yam porridge tonify the heart and kidney, soothe the nerves.

Yam has a calming and calming soul, replenishes the mind, replenishes qi, and improves brain function. Longan, known by ancients as the “education fruit”, is a tonic for insomnia and forgetfulness.Nourishing blood gas; Schisandra can strengthen the excitatory process of the central system and improve people’s intellectual activity.

  Materials: 100 grams of yam, 50 grams of previous rice, excipients: 15 grams of longan, 8 grams of lychee, 3 grams of schisandra, 30 grams of white sugar.

  Method: Peel the yam and cut into thin slices. The rice was washed before; the mountain and the longan, lychee and schisandra were placed in the same pot with rice.

  5, Chinese wolfberry and peanut porridge Chinese medicine believes that Chinese wolfberry nourishes the liver, nourishes the kidneys, nourishes the lungs, beautiful the skin, benefits the face, and delays aging.

Therefore, it is often regarded as a nourishing and anti-aging medicine.

Peanuts are rich in feces, lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements. Regular consumption can play a role in nourishing life.

  Materials: 150 grams of glutinous rice, 150 grams of white rice, 100 grams of peanuts, 20 grams of wolfberry, 50 grams of red dates, 6-8 chrysanthemums.

  Practice: Soak peanuts in hot water for 2 hours and remove clothes.

The wolfberry is soaked for later use, the red dates are washed and pitted, and the chrysanthemum is rinsed with water.

Wash the two rice mixes together and soak for 2 hours.

Put pressure cooker and cook with peanuts.

Put red dates on low heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

Put chrysanthemums and cook wolfberry for 1 minute.

  Drinking porridge and nourishing kidney is a very healthy way, both men and women are very suitable. I hope everyone can develop this good habit, say goodbye to greasy, and usher in a healthy new life.