That guy saw that he was ignored,Immediately said something very bad:“Tut!You stupid.Forcing the anchor to really persuade!”

This word,Immediately aroused strong dissatisfaction from fans of Sunny’s home。A manager,Mu Yi of Sunny House,Nothing,Kicked him out,It’s great to give a gift?According to the kick。
have to say,Sister called sunny,Singing is really ok。
Hu Yang checked her homepage,I found out that I was still a singer with his own work,Platform-verified。
Sing a song,Hu Yang couldn’t help but applaud:“Nice!”
Sunny day,Own attention,Was pulled up by a new anchor,keep growing。On their platform,Is a very rare thing。
but,Have not had time to be happy,
A player of noble rank arrives,She hasn’t had time to welcome,The other party yelled,Scold badly。
“kick,Have the ability to kick me!”Lordship,Have high authority,The first is anti-kick,Even the administrator of the live room,Can’t play。
of course,Anchor can kick,There is also an advanced guardian。
but,The other side is god,I dare not move in sunny days。Players of this level,It will be troublesome to kick。
Populus euphratica live room,Some buddies explained the situation,Populus learned,I also clicked to the sunny live broadcast room and glanced,It’s really the guy before。
He was also disgusted,Hua Zai reminded him,Players of this level,Only the host,Or advanced guardian,To kick out。
Populus is a bit speechless,Unexpectedly meet such a clown。
“Is God amazing??”
Finished,Populus euphratica directly protected the sunny day for a year,Worth more than 10,000 yuan,Without saying a word, help Sunny to kick out the nobleman。