Limited to expertise,The instructor obviously can’t tell what those instruments are for,But the picture suddenly brightens,Change the dim and dim state just now。Judging from perception,The instructor guessed that Li Tianchou might have turned on a flashlight,Start recording video on each instrument。

This process is not long,But it also took more than two minutes,The instructor finally recognized a few limited equipment based on his experience and common sense.,A liquid chromatograph,Another one seems to be a centrifuge,The last one is blind,Something like a freezer is probably an ice maker。
The others just don’t come out,But the variety of equipment in the room surprised the instructor。
Then the screen suddenly switched to the upper part of the room,The milky white ceiling is extremely tight,There is a row of thick concave vents on the edge of the ceiling,If the instructor has professional knowledge,He should see it at a glance,That is for the physical and chemical laboratoryVAVVentilation and exhaust system。
The lens has a long focal length,A dazzling spin and then freeze,The content of the screen seems to be on the other side of the room,The same row of consoles is filled with displays,At the moment, they are in the state of shutting down and black screen。
“It doesn’t seem to be anything。”Instructor talking to himself,An inattentive,I was scalded by a cigarette butt。
The camera shakes again,Li Tianchou left this room soon,The same corridor picture flashes by,A room door was opened again,The room layout under the lens is very crowded,Two rows of consoles lie in the middle of the room,More instruments are placed on it。
Flashlight lights up,Li Tianchou began meticulous video recording,Finally, the camera freezes on a freezer,May be due to picture delay,Maybe hesitated,The freezer door is still opened,Filled with rows of glassware。
Most vessels are filled with liquid,Some are clear and transparent,Some muddy,But there is almost nothing moldable in it,Naturally, I can’t see what it is for,But Li Tianchou still video one by one。
quickly,Li Tianchou left this room,The instructor noticed that he had spent fifteen minutes in the first two rooms。
The picture of the third house is transmitted on the display,It seems very special here,The obviously wide door frame in the lens gives a feeling of oppression and mystery。The heavy steel protective door alone made Li Tianchou a lot of trouble,And the instructor has lit the fifth cigarette right now。
The scene in the lens is completely different from the room in front,In the larger space are neat and orderly rows of shelves,And above the shelves are large and small glassware,As small as a tea mug,The big one is like a bucket。
The contents of the solution in the vessel immediately refreshed the instructor,He threw the cigarette butt into his teacup without knowing it,Staring at the camera。