but now,Just quieted outside,Gan Yifan can’t sit still,“I go around。”

Wu Heng grabbed him,“we agreed,Don’t run around。”
“I don’t go far,Just around。”Gan Yifan said。
“That’s not OK,Captain Shen let us stay in the cave,Let’s not just walk around。”
Gan Yifan helplessly said:“Angkor,Does anyone say you are very rigid?”
Wu Heng sternly,“This is not rigid,Is discipline。”
“Sister Xia suspects that these caves are sandworm nests,Although the cave we are in is humid,But nothing messed up,I want to see the cave next to it。”Xu Wan said suddenly。
“I think so too。”Gan Yifan takes the conversation,“Go,Let’s go see。”
Three people in total,Say both,Wu Hengneng dragged Gan Yifan,Where’s Xu Wan?Unfamiliar,Can’t let her leave by herself。There is no way,Had to go together。
Surround the abyss,Except the entrance platform,All around are big and small holes,Some are higher,Some lower,Irregular arrangement。At the foot is a stone steps only one meter wide,Connecting holes everywhere,Draw a big circle,Connect to the platform。
The three are not far from the platform,There are only four holes。
“walking back。”Wu Heng suggested,After all, it’s the place I’ve walked through,Comparative insurance。
“Angkor,No need to be too careful,Every cave here has people practicing in it,Talent just left,There can be no danger。To say dangerous,Also from the underground river exit,As long as the sandworms don’t come in,We are all safe。”