Li Lan’s excessive affection,Makes Xia Jian very uncomfortable。He knew,Li Lan did it right to him,There must be something。

as expected,When Qin Xiaomin made tea for him and just brought it over。Li Lan laughed and said:“Xia Jian!Call you to our house today,Auntie has something to discuss with you”Li Lan’s tone is very calm。 “Auntie, just say something,Don’t need to be so polite”Xia Jian smiled and said。 Li Lan took a deep breath and said:“The […]

“Finish it,I’ll take you there。You are so weak now,I don’t want to take you to death!”

Chen Xiu said nothing,Tear the package of compressed biscuits,Put the whole piece in your mouth,It was swallowed directly in the stomach when accompanied by a functional drink。 Uncle Ye nodded in satisfaction:“Follow me in the helicopter!” …… The helicopter went directly to the southeast of Australia Island,I have seen a small island below in less […]

Tong Jie and He Yonggui each found a chair in the room and sat down。At this time, Niu Guilan twisted her body like a water snake and walked in,This woman is really lethal to men,No wonder He Shuicheng stays at her house and doesn’t leave。

“Mayor Xia!Our family, Lao Yu, has spent most of his life accounting for Hejiaping Village,I didn’t take a penny,But who thought he would be like this。Your government can’t ignore it!Anyway, he is also a man of merit!”Niu Guilan said,Chong Xiajian smiled sweetly。 No matter how you look at this woman,Not like rural people。Although the skin […]

Of course,It was very reluctant to use Yan Shenbing before,Good condition can condense magic sword,If the state is not good, it will fail。But this time I used the magic sword style by myself, but totally relied on my own strength.Just in that state,Consciousness is all concentrated under Yan Shenbing,Not paying attention to the set enemies,Then it was a tragedy。

As Babata said,Li Ming, even if he has a mental power,Let Dun Tiansuo form a sword matrix and even a heavy mountain shield,Resist half a move,Li Ming can also control Yan Shenbing to kill the ninth-rank martial artist。 This lesson is also to be learned。 After Babata lost his temper,Don’t say more,He also knows that […]

Fuming looking at the message on the bracelet,I was surprised,Immediately relieved,Now this Wang Zhenming is dead,This Wang She is a very smart person!

“what happened?” Fuming smiled and shook his head。 “Nothing” “It looks like you are going to leave!” Morfin saw his mind,Asked。 Nodded。 “Ok,I plan to register a hunter,Then go to some of the relics of the last century that I haven’t seen,Maybe you are lucky!” Morfin shook his head and said:“Don’t think the hunters are […]

If you can’t make good use of this tense chance,That’s not Li Tianchou,He believes in his shot,Will inevitably cause Gongsan’s response,The boss is dead,We all share the same hatred,Also to protect yourself as much as possible。

Fortunately, all the sentries in the shack around are from Gongsan,The shooting target is naturally Shajir and his accomplices,Li Tianchou slipped behind the building,One side observation,Trying to get in through the vent。 The weird thing is,So messy outside,There has been no movement in the gray building,The people inside are very calm,Is there something extremely important??Reminiscent […]

Chen Gui smiled and said:“I came home from work today,My wife said Youcai got him an office job,You have to fight,I just want to come over and ask,What the hell is going on?Just my wife,I can’t figure out a bit of shit at home,What office is she going to sit in?“

“Hey!Don’t talk nonsense,Didn’t your wife say that he was in sophomore year??This is considered a high school student,Don’t worry about how to work where I am?“Wang Youcai, who has not spoken all the time, put down the bowl in his hand,Said to Chen Gui with a little disdain。 Wang Degui is on fire as soon […]

“Friends on the road?You mean it’s dark?Gangsters come to security?cut,It’s been so long,We all know,He is just a few fellows outside,Where are some friends?Talk a little bit。”

“Saner saw it with my own eyes,Those people are so vicious。My grass,The two bodyguards following,Two as big as you。Not on the road,Is it the police??” “Don’t you say,It’s really possible。I heard that the two gangsters who were defeated by him have their braids……”The security suddenly stopped talking,Because he turned his head and saw Wang Juan […]

“Do not talk,kiss Me!”The girl sits on Qin Feng’s lap,His hands are actually pressed against Qin Feng’s mouth like this。

“Stop,I took a gun!”Qin Feng said。 The girl was stunned,Then Fengyan blinked,“Yo,It turns out that the big boss is also a middleman。But don’t worry,Foreplay is still necessary.” But she was only halfway through,Then I couldn’t help but swallowed。 Because she discovered that Qin Feng really took out a pistol at her。 The entrance of the […]