“of course,You can also consider acquiring some super hot application vendors in the market,Strive to be bigger and stronger。Macro language is not yet popular in Europe and America,Microsoft can seize the opportunity,Train a group of technicians proficient in macro language,In the future, when the system becomes popular in Europe and America,Maybe Microsoft can live better than it is now。In fact, many technology companies can live well without a system。Like yoursfacebook。”Wang Yufei said。

Bill·Gates stared at Wang Yufei blankly。 The mind is running fast,Consider the feasibility of this proposal。 Yes,Bill·Gates is really thinking about whether Wang Yufei’s suggestion is feasible。 no way,Facing the strength of Changxiang Technology,Jean Bill·Gates feels great pressure。 Facelessness is never the most important thing,Whether an enterprise can survive the fierce market competition is the […]

“it is good!”

Mu Zi said that nodded。 “Oy!As soon as I,My sister will not fall into the hospital.。” Le Zhenxi said on the side of the sky。 Mu Zizhu smiled,“It was my fault,I will be more awkward in the future.。” “Absolutely。” Le Zhenxi looked at my sister,His sister must get happiness,Otherwise, Mom and Dad immediately fly over […]

Ge Hong suddenly changed color on the side:“Zhongji combat skills——Dragon and Tiger!”

In the world, there are nine-tier subdivision combat skills,And because there are so many cultivators in the secret realm,How many combat skills have been developed over hundreds of thousands of years,Can no longer subdivide one by one。 The combat skills in the secret realm are generally divided into low-level combat skills、Intermediate combat skills、Three advanced combat […]


First2590chapter Yuanjia Road is narrow Xia Jian finished listening to Zhang Teng,Then he laughed and said:“Thank you brother Zhang!You have to write down all these people’s words。Especially this Li Wei,Xiongji doesn’t matter。Hey!Does He Wei come often?” “Nor is it,She was fooled by Xiongji。Of course,This kind of rich people come to me to consume, I just […]

For Shen Wenyu,Li Tianzhi doesn’t understand,But Xiao Yanda is an old acquaintance,he is‘Ranger’I heard of this person,Not dealing with the instructor,From the koan twenty years ago,And the nightmare that has always existed in Li Tianti’s life,The scene description is also this old thing sealed in the old paper pile。

Old things have tortured Li Tianzhi for a long time,Even if the companion soul leaves,He can’t let go,Old things also toss the instructor,Let him spend more than ten years trying to find out the police,But failed。 When I enlighten the Taoist,Li Tianzhi gradually faded the past in this dream,But after the Yuxing case broke out,Xiao […]

The five great powers really look down on a spiritual treasure,After learning that these tree monsters also want to return to the Three Realms,That is the kindness of Xiaoyao Daozu,Take this innate Lingbao。

One thousand five hundred and seventy-one star,Li Ming and other powerful people discovered for the first time a trace of a chaotic alien race—That is a huge crack in a star。 The crack surface is extremely smooth,Has been spanning almost half the length of this star,But not naturally formed。 “This is formed by a battle […]

At the root of the wall,There is a low table,There is a large sofa around。There are several men of different skin colors yelling frantically。In every man’s arms,All sitting with a woman who wears very little。

Ruth pulled Xia Jian aside,Lying on his ear and said:“Which black man in the middle,Which is a woman sitting on his left and right legs,Tompu。 In fact, Xia Jian basically guessed it as soon as he saw it。But what he didn’t know was,People like this should have money,Then why did you come out to lie?? […]

No fun,Zong Xueqin turned and left after speaking。

Back to Tujia,Butler coming,Bow respectfully:“Miss Zong,Patriarch asked you to go over!” “he?” Zong Xueqin was a little surprised,That person will take the initiative to find her? “it is good,I’ll be there!” Question and answer,The woman twisted her enchanting posture after replying。 In the master bedroom of the Tu family,When Zong Xueqin appeared, the opponent was […]

but,If you let the opponent hit your own chest with a wide open door,I’m afraid it won’t be much better。

TonyFeng has tried the power of the opponent’s fist just now,I still have lingering fears,He dare not use his physique,If you let the opponent hit the hollow door,Sure to die。 In an instant,The eyes of the two clash briefly,Smashed together。 TonyFeng looked into his opponent’s eyes,He only saw peace,That is the absolute peace after the […]