2025 completed national cold chain food traceability management platform

Original title: In 2025, the National Cold Chain Food Takes Management Platform The Office of the Office of the State Council issued "14th Five-Year" Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), strengthen top-level design and work guidance, push the cold chain logistics Quality development. "Plan" proposes that by 2025, it is initially […]

China handgemaakt industrieel digitaal serviceplatform

Aanbevolen lezen 2021-11-1211: 40 bugs van White Heroni Foeragage in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, Habitat. In de vroege winter daalde Poyang Lake onder het fijne waterniveau, werd de assemblage van allerlei migrerende vogels. 2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County katoenplanting oppervlakte van 1,02 miljoen MU, waarvan 990.000 MU van implementatie van katoenen cultivatiemodus, gezaaid, […]

British Ministry of Health estimates that O’Kek’s poisonous strains have been infected with about 200,000 in the UK daily.

British Sky News Network Twitter Report Screenshot Overseas Network December 14th According to the British Sky News Network 13th news, according to the British Health Safety Authority estimates, Okek’s poison lapeting is currently infected with approximately 200,000 people every day. The British Health Minister Sagd Jaweid said that Okeki variant virus now accounts for more […]

Stimbow the street town vitality Tianjin Binhai New Area to build a new position in economic development

Original title: Into the street town Vitality Binhai New Area to build a new position of the new position of the economy, the development of the street economy is the coordinated development of the street town, realize the common prosperity, supplement to develop short boards, do excellent development space, promote the industrial chain association, improve […]

Poetry Talk Nantian Lake

The actors danced on the banks of Nantian Lake. Zeng Yinghao took the poet to take turns, read freshly baked poems and shared it to the audience. The poets or a sudden recitation, give this hot summer, bring a few short. 琵琶 独 独, 琵琶 舞, one program is plugged in, adding a bit more […]

“of course,You can also consider acquiring some super hot application vendors in the market,Strive to be bigger and stronger。Macro language is not yet popular in Europe and America,Microsoft can seize the opportunity,Train a group of technicians proficient in macro language,In the future, when the system becomes popular in Europe and America,Maybe Microsoft can live better than it is now。In fact, many technology companies can live well without a system。Like yoursfacebook。”Wang Yufei said。

Bill·Gates stared at Wang Yufei blankly。 The mind is running fast,Consider the feasibility of this proposal。 Yes,Bill·Gates is really thinking about whether Wang Yufei’s suggestion is feasible。 no way,Facing the strength of Changxiang Technology,Jean Bill·Gates feels great pressure。 Facelessness is never the most important thing,Whether an enterprise can survive the fierce market competition is the […]

“it is good!”

Mu Zi said that nodded。 “Oy!As soon as I,My sister will not fall into the hospital.。” Le Zhenxi said on the side of the sky。 Mu Zizhu smiled,“It was my fault,I will be more awkward in the future.。” “Absolutely。” Le Zhenxi looked at my sister,His sister must get happiness,Otherwise, Mom and Dad immediately fly over […]