Workout fitness

Workout fitness 1. Pay attention to the posture of walking. On the way to and from work every day, try to walk as long as you can. The walking posture is very important. Keep your chest up, lower your abdomen, and step on the forceps. If you do not tighten your abdomen while walking, no […]

Self-measurement form for children with autism

Self-measurement form for children with autism Diagnostic criteria for children with autism? Usually starts within 3 years of age.   ? Barriers to contact: ① Can’t use fixation, expressions, gestures, or gestures for communication; ② Can’t establish partnerships with other children; ③ Does not seek support or comfort when encountering setbacks. When others encounter frustration, they […]

Happiness is what you give!

Happiness is what you give! The translation about happiness is very big, like the blue sky that is finally clear today, boundless. I think I can’t find enough to support it. I also thought about subdividing it, subdividing definitions, and ways, but that was not my original intention. I just wanted to complain about it. […]