Just he can sin,The old people have risen……

“I don’t fight、I don’t fight。”Dog mixed head。 “Men’s Han husband,Don’t mother’s mother!and……I saw my wild lion war.,I can’t fight, I will have you.?”Iron war,Drinking a big buddy。 Dog hybrid is just a disadogeneity…… never mind,You don’t want to hit it.! I saw the iron warfare“Crazy one hundred and eight”Put out,Holding hands on their hands,And from […]

Li Hui said that Li Cuihua will actually ask so direct,Directly let him know how to answer this question。

Just when he is a bit difficult,The bus is also moving toward them.。 “Small,Take a car,We still get on the car first.。” I heard Li Hui’s words,Li Cuihua also smiled and twisted the slim waist.,And Li Hui is also followed by it.。 “master,I follow my brother.。” Finish,Li Cuihua directly put the money into the collection […]

“Their hands and feet are all scrapped by me!I guess I can’t do evil for a while……Moreover,Is it useful to keep them??I have to trouble our pharmacy!the most important is,People behind!”

Fang Yu made sure。 “but,You let them go,Can’t find anyone!” Fang Deyun lightly sighed。 these people,What is the origin?? “Dad,I suggest to hire a security guard back……Next time this happens,Someone can do it!after all,I’m not every day!” Fang Yu suggested。 “okay,You go to the appointment first!” Fang Deyun nodded。 this matter,He planned! Fang Yu is […]

“No way!”

“Can’t pay!” Sister Lin’s brother is naturally unwilling,The three are twisting together,The more the competition gets fiercer,Faintly using force。 4Seeing zombies,Thought to myself:“What you want is this effect,You will consume it first,Also saved me a lot of effort!” “Can’t pay,You are too selfish!” Lin Shuangwen pushed away Chen Xiu with a loud shout,Chen Xiu is […]


“2!” “1!” “Katz——” After three countdowns,Just hear a strange noise,The stone gate of the temple is like a mechanism,Start to open automatically,The sea water rushed into the temple like an inversion,What followed was several huge and irregular bubbles were squeezed out,The pressure pushed both of them back at the door。 “It really is a mechanism […]

News came that Chen Chunhe’s negotiation with the Public Security Bureau failed,Hua Yun, who has been lying in the ward for two days, can’t stay anymore,There is no news from Li Tianchou,Not let the lawyer meet,Unreasonable?She’s anxious,Regardless of Xiao Pan,I changed my coat and rushed out of the ward。

Xiaopan has no choice but to follow,But Hua Yun was stopped by the nurse before she left the ward floor,The reason is that the condition is not stable yet,The doctor told you not to walk around,Not to leave the ward without authorization。 Hua Yun is naturally unwilling to submit,Pull and pull,I just ran into Chen […]

And this little detail means,Skeleton soldier’s small defense,Has become very powerful。

Just repeat thisBUGGo down,The level of this summoned creature,Will exceed everyone’s imagination。Lu Menglin even suspected,Maybe it will become the first full-level summoned creature in the true sense of Shenmin Continent。 of course,This process is also extremely painful,I’m exhausted every day,Dying,This kind of fatigue gradually sinks into the bones,It’s not something ordinary people can afford,Only Lu […]

but,Lu Menglin has just mastered the magic skills,The space energy channel structure built by hand is not stable enough,Only two more tearing damage can be played at most,Energy channel collapse,This magic weapon will return to normal combat power。

If supplemented with suitable magic materials,Construct a stable energy channel for this magic weapon,Then the result is different。 This is the magic of magic technology,It’s also the most crazy place! Just imagine,Someone can increase the power of the gods,Complete the reversal in a critical battle,This is for the strong,It’s almost equivalent to several times more […]