Beijing Family Growth Center will open the construction of family positions will cover urban street (hometown)

Zhang Yajun, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Beijing Women’s Federation, said that the Beijing Women’s Federations conducted in-depth development of party history, "I have implemented practical things for women, focus on strengthening the construction of family positions, focusing on building municipal, district, street (hometown) three-level joint construction The linkage of family growth centers, providing […]

The fourteenth fifteenth foreign trade development route is clear: strive to achieve five objectives

People’s Network Beijing November 24th (Reporter Zhao Zhuqing) According to the Ministry of Commerce Website, recently, the State Council approved the implementation of the Ministry of Commerce to organize the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Trade High Quality Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"). "Planning" pointed out that the high quality development of foreign […]

The Seventh anniversary of the Youth League of the Hong Kong CPPCC will celebrate the seventh anniversary of the 4th Executive Committee

The seventy anniversary of the Youth League of the Hong Kong CPPCC’s Youth League and the 4th Executive Committee in Hong Kong held in Hong Kong. People’s Network Yan Xiaojing photo People’s Network Hong Kong May 11th (Shen Wei, Yan Xiaojing) Hong Kong CPPCA Youth League ("Government") 10th, the "Seventh Anniversary Festival" held in the […]

The people in the small village have been fighting in the outside – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily interlaced, horizontal cement road, unique brand new residential, clean and tidy farmhouse … Early Winter Festival, walk into Ukan Urravan, the shore of Yellow River, Hainan City, Wuhai City, showing in front of people A happiness painting of a village is clean, the industrial is prosperous, the township civilization, and the […]

“You just want to have a vicious dog barking outside,I’m tired and bored。”The teenager glanced around,Suddenly remembered the look of those vicious dogs when begging on the mainland,I have to feel the pain to stop,“Our previous plan should not be interrupted by these vicious dogs,Robbery Hall,That’s it,Find the most favorable time within five days。”

“But in the coalition that invaded just now,There is no Wuwei Temple,That’s not easy。”Elder Hao still disagrees with the young man’s decision。 “I’m talking about timing,What’s the use of more people?” “but……”Elder Hao has to say more,But was kicked by elder Jin seemingly inadvertently,I had to shut up and stared at the boy。 Indescribable emotions […]

however,While Wang Teng and Jiang Ya are still talking here,not far away,A voice,Followed by。

“Miss Jiang,Our young master wants to invite you over。” Finished with this voice,With a kind of noncommittal。 But right now,Wang Teng slowly raised his head to look at these people in front of him。 Looks like a bodyguard,And also a good bodyguard。 When I saw them,In fact, Wang Teng also secretly guessed in his heart。 […]