Convenient! Chongzuo this platform can do a lot

Zhu Houqi introduced the function of "Love my Chongzhi" app. People’s Network Shenquan pool is understood, "Love my Chongzuo" app is the Chongzuo City University Data Development Bureau surrounded the municipal party committee, the municipal government proposed "good governance, convenience, Hui En-enterprise, Xingye" requirements, combined with the masses, let the data run, the masses Less […]

1625 prosecutors in Shaanxi Province served as deputy principal of the rule of law of primary and secondary schools

Original title: 1625 prosecutors in our province served as a vice president of primary and secondary schools (Reporter Lu Guimin) On October 29, the reporter learned from the Provincial Procuratorate: Procuratorates at all levels at all levels of the province actively implemented the rule of law for the rule of law. At present, 2951 schools […]

China National Museum "Oracle Password – Chinese Character Search Tour" Mobile Exhibition Enters Alar

On September 14, 2021, on the occasion of the 24th "Mandarin Promotion Week" in the country, the "Oracle Password – Chinese Character Tour" mobile exhibition planned by the China Museum of China, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region First Normal Ala The Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial is successfully opened. This exhibition was jointly hosted […]

The Ministry of Education has reached 2022 "retired college students soldiers" special master’s enrollment plan to recruit 6777 people

People’s Network Beijing November 4th (Reporter Sun Jing, Li Yihuan) In order to encourage more college students to join the army, provide more growth for retired college students, and the Ministry of Education has reached 2022 "retired college students" special master student enrollment plan . The reporter noted that in 2022, the National Retired College […]

People’s Daily focus on the grassroots administrative law enforcement system reform of Qingdao West Coast New Area: Avoid pushing to promote law enforcement efficiency

Shandong Qingdao West Coast New Area Explore the grassroots administrative law enforcement system reform – avoiding the pushing and promoting law enforcement efficiency in February this year, located in the East of Dawangport Road, Qingdao West Coast, Shandong, is a 30,000 square meters of illegal occupied cultivated land in the south of Binhai Avenue. . […]

Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Lin Ling rushed to say:“Don’t worry,Your salary is definitely not worse than your time in the startup group,You will be the executive vice president of our group,Only under me,how about it?”

Ma Yan was anxious,She was about to talk,Xia Jian quickly motioned her not to speak,Because of occasions like this,Ma Yan’s words are really inappropriate。 “Thank you Uncle Lin and President Lin!I appreciate your kindness。Although I’m not working in the venture group,But several new projects I developed are related to the future development trend of agriculture […]