Chengdu, Sichuan: answer "double carbon" add-oriented questions with comprehensive green transformation

In the evening, Chengdu Chongqing Road, colorful lights and beautiful music sounds together, the children are chasing playful in the bamboo forest, the vegetables are chased … here is the "Fantao · Happiness of the Yutu Village, Yuzhou City, Chengdu "Forest dish project, also" Carbon Hui Tianfu "and" Happiness "to build zero carbon (low carbon) […]

Deployment to carry out this year’s cultural science and technology health "three hometown" activities

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 2, for the spirit of implementing the party’s 19th National Plenary Session, further mobilizing the power of all parties to actively participate in the "three rural" work in the new era, the Central Propaganda Department will meet with the Central Civilization Office, the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of […]

69.96 miljoen yuan! Taiyuan’s vierde ronde coupon uitgegeven op 10 oktober

  Originele titel: 10.000 yuan! De vierde ronde van de consument zal morgen de detailhandel-algemene kortingsbonnen uitgeven, en de volgende dag na de 2,28 miljoen vakantie zal een nieuwe ronde van kortingsbonnen doen! Om 9 uur ‘s ochtends van 10 oktober, "Jin SHU to Consume" Taiyuan Station Fourth Round Ronde van Coupons van de Regeringsconsumenten, waarbij […]

The fund market will then create new products in the first batch of enhanced ETFs to be approved

[] The domestic ETF market ushered in the first batch of enhanced ETF. On November 15th, the five fund companies, including the southern, Huatai Berry, China Merchants, Jingshun Great Wall, and Cathantai.   The reporter learned that the enhanced ETF has been reported since 2019. "gradually becoming more than" this year, the latest progress continues to […]

Smart sanitation application scenario in Taizhou Jiaojiang put into trial operation

Original title: Scene-visual data, sanitation supervision is more intelligent to use public toilets, many citizens will pay attention to experience, such as odor is very small, and people’s traffic is cleaned. With high-tech front-end perceived equipment, these abstract experiences have specific data presence. Real-time odor, real-time humidity%, real-time temperature … this is yesterday (May 18) […]

Provincial straightforce system conveys the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party

[Font:] On November 14, the Hubei Provincial Direct War System conveys the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party. The Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Minister of the United Front, the Ministry of Greeting, the Ministry of Tunang, to emphasize the spirit of in-depth study and implementation of the […]

The Autonomous Region Government has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University Wang Lixia witnessed signing

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Shanghai Jiaotong University maintained a good partnership, since 2010, both sides have adhered to complementarity, mutual benefit and win-win, keeping around the Party Central Committee, State Council "four" strategic deployments, focus basic science research, key technology research , The achievement transfer transformation, platform carrier construction, etc. New R & D […]

This is a bit overstatement,A shot of the white woman’s sneak attack was to scratch his scalp,My hair was really broken by the heat of the bullet。

“Brother Chen,Is there any clue,Who sent it?”He Shouheng also came over and said:“You are my VIP,If I dare to attack you, I can’t get through,I promise not to make him feel better!” Chen Xiu has a lot of enemies,The two female killers are also dead,I don’t even know who sent it,I shook his head helplessly。 […]

“rest assured,With the teacher’s time concept,cough,I mean with the teacher’s broad mind,As long as you are willing to apprentice within a hundred years,She should have no objection。”It seems that I missed my mouth for a while,Mu De quickly changed the subject:“As for Lord Cromwell,As far as I know, it should be in the Arctic ice sheet,Some of our thousands of old guys,We gather there every other hundred years。”

“Fly along the North Sea all the way north,Will be there in five or six days。” “The Arctic ice sheet is not big,It should be easy to find your teacher。” Wright quickly expressed his thanks,Actually since a few years ago the teacher left a letter saying that he was going to visit an old friend,Just […]