“I suspect‘Blood shadow’People,Because I found English round letters on the arm of a violent who was killed‘BS’abbreviation of。”Gu Jian on the other end of the phone has lingering fears,There was a bullet that wiped his head during the gunfight.,Unfortunately ran away one,Catch one,Also killed one。

“There was a gun battle at the scene?”The instructor was taken aback,Gu Jian moves fast,There is still no news from the police and local Guoan。 “Small scale,The other party is cruel,Also carry automatic weapons,The Shuanglou police have blocked the scene,No one on our side is injured,Guo Xiao stayed to cooperate with the police。” “The people […]

“Someone boringly posted this kind of video online?”Pitaya cursed in his heart。

“Are you sure you won this game?”Zhanlan finally asked。 “amount……amount……Ok……I said……” Pitaya knows that Azure Blue is a shrewd fox,He can ask like that,I must be clear in my heart,And was found out by deceiving him for the sake of face,It’s better to honestly explain to gain some good impressions。 Honestly,Pitaya has not been playing […]

The blood on the body is dripping,But the blood is constantly being evaporated,Gradually these dragon blood seems to be burning hot,Not only a layer of blood flame burned outside the body of Big Black Fang,Even more scorching the steel spines blue dragon wrapped around it……

Seems to be soaked in blood,Those thunder scales on my body became brighter,I saw the flames of blood burning up,Purple and black lightning chains are flying one by one,Stout and eye-catching! “Oh!!!!!!!” Roar,The blood flames on the big black tooth and the black electricity are actually fused together,And produce a more terrifying burst!! This roar,As […]

The onlookers seem to be not very enthusiastic about knives,After all, its sense of security is far less than the gun can bring,So there are only a few people trying to follow the price,But after seeing Yu Zhe raise the price again,All chose to give up。

There is no doubt that,This knife ended up at a relatively low price,Photographed by Yu Zhe,He was a little excited when he took the knife。 So long passed,He finally touched the knife again。 Feel the comfortable texture of the knife in your hand,He admires the knife in front of him like an artwork。 That knife […]

Xia Jian scolded,So I went to the kitchen to bring out my breakfast,Then thought for a while,He should go to work in town,I accompany these women everywhere,Those who know will say his is good,People who don’t know will scold him for not doing business properly。

Lock every room,When Xia Jian was about to go out,,I realized that Da Ben’s key was no longer in my pocket,It seems that he slept too dead,Everyone took the car keys,He didn’t know anything。 Luckily he has his own Yamaha。Xia Jian pushed out his beloved motorcycle,I found a rag and polished it up,Then launched the […]

Dim light,Xia Jian found that Chunling’s face was red again。It seems that this is a relatively conservative woman,Although I’m 27 or 18 years old,But when I meet a man,She will still be shy。It seems her tough,All pretends。She just doesn’t want others to hurt her。

I found a small restaurant on the side of the road,Unexpectedly, two girls in their twenties appeared during the meal。So they are sisters in the same village as Li Fengzhu,Came with Li Fengzhu to pick up people。 Li Fengzhu’s strange performance made Xia Jian suspicious,It stands to reason that she came to pick up people,You […]

“So?”That person still doesn’t care。

From the young man’s point of view,Just state the time, place, and goal,Maureen always talks a lot about mother-in-law。 “So that person used all means,Check Ms. Tao and her staff thoroughly,And preached to spread this information。but,If it’s just that,It’s mainly because Ms. Tao’s non-thinking actions make the other party very vigilant now,Not only staying every […]

Cen Cheng heard about this,Shook his head immediately,“Ugh,Don’t mention money,I dare not ask at all,I haven’t signed the contract till now。”

Ye Boping looked surprised,The chopsticks stopped in the air,“what?You did it for nothing?” Cen Cheng also stopped his chopsticks,Shrug,“Ugh,They say that good horses don’t eat grass,The grass is not tasty this time,I was fired by Xia Shuyue, the owner of this shop,Later there were more people asking me,My head got hot,I ended the contract with […]

However, what Qiao Tianyu never expected was,Raman’s action almost cost him his life。

Michelle was worried about Raman’s fraud,So I brought a group of KGB agents to ambush around the Wellington Arch,I’m afraid that Qiao Tianyu was caught by Raman’s tricks。 After all, the distance is too far apart,Outdoor again,So the ambushing KGB agents couldn’t hear the conversation between Raman and Qiao Tianyu.,Can only judge whether Qiao Tianyu […]

Then looked at Gu Jin and said:“You are his father,Stay with him every day,Should know his excellence,Different from ordinary children,Tell Fan Lao。”

Gu Jin nodded,Then seriously:“Little nian gao is different from ordinary children,Those toys can’t attract his attention,He likes to assemble and disassemble guns,I bought him a lot***。” Mr. Fan has some surprises,Because I also like guns,It can be said to be a collector,I didn’t expect to like guns too,It’s so fate,Fan is very happy。 Gu Jin […]