“Fang Yu just came over to see you……Moreover,It’s brother, your mood is unstable。It has nothing to do with Fang Yu……You can’t even beat Yu Cheng,Talk about Fang Yu’s opponent?”

Ling Rouran saw her brother’s expression,Dissatisfied。 “younger sister……actually, I……” Make Mo innocent。 He just feels,No face to meet Fang Yu。 “give!” Fang Yu handed him a needle,Stuck in the blood。 Suddenly,Mo felt his body recovered。 “Fang Yu,you……” Surprised the stranger。 “I forgot to tell you……Another identity of Fang Yu,Ancient Medicine and Western Medicine……If you say […]

The picture is depicting an unforgettable event in Gu Changfeng’s life,In the dusk,On the cliff by the rushing river,Young Gu Changfeng is pointing a pistol at a younger pretty woman。

His hands are shaking,Heart is dripping blood,It never occurred to him that this woman who gave him his first taste of feelings turned out to be a veteran agent,Fortunately found early,Otherwise, all the brothers on the line will be killed by her。 Gu Changfeng is very angry,Vowed to cut this woman,But at the moment facing […]

Tens of days,According to the office。

Until the day before the temple fair,Lin Qiancai has ended the teaching of Li Qiuzhen。 Always give her a holiday。 Day after darkness,exactly,I have dinner after dinner。 Li Ye took Li Qiu, Li Qi, said to Lin: “Mr. Lin has been lively in recent days.,It’s better to go out together.,have a look?” “Seek。” recently,Li http://www.hackersha.cn […]

Actually,This is just the corner of its iceberg。

now。 The remainder of the sunset is in the jungle,Let this area look into a red。 A middle-aged man wearing a jungle camouflage,Standing above a hill,Rush。 Middle-aged body and strong,Face like a knife,Line resolute,Standing there like a sign straight,Atmospheric,Give people a kind of illusion。 Just,He is a frowning,Looking at a cave opposite the hills,The eyes […]

“No。”Meiqin’s hand hang on the tram rings,Some lazy said,“I also think that things are not very convenient.,So I tried to do a doctor.”

“what?”Qingyou suddenly,Then I feel it.,When the face suddenly got up,“The big uncle made this thing into a card.?” Indeed,Take a closer look,In addition to the two Qing Palas, the Men’s head is bought to her white petals.,Don’t have two small ordinary brown hair cards on the side of the two ear,It’s almost blended with the […]

There are guidelines http://www.ds-system.cn for the inheritance of ancient civilizations,There are several true gods of the human race that are likely to set foot in the realm of the void during the three reincarnation ages.。

But in this situation,They naturally know what is most important。 After discussing,Li Ming ordered。 “Everyone’s avatar is in their own small universe,Will resistance is resistant to the will swallow of the world beast。” “Luo Feng、Great Axe、chaos,The http://www.scdxlj.cn deities of the three of you are going to sit in your own small universe!If the giant axe […]

In Zhou Qiaoxiaxiao,Ma Xiaoliang is not http://www.juzishuxia.cn purely with her feelings.,Just use each other。

And Ma Xiaoliang uses her too much to use each other.。 Ma Xiaoliang looked at Zhou Qiansheng took a taxi,It is also the audience directly with the live broadcast to interact.。 At the same time, it is also opposite the drunken fairy cabinets.。 Objective public comparison makes his live broadcasts, it has also suddenly increased […]

“Small boaster、Xiao http://www.manfully.cn Qi!My sister came back.!”

“Niu Niu came back?How to come back this time??I go out and see!” Zhou’s faint approximately,Cool standing up,Put the little son on the ground, “mother,You help look at two small!” “elder sister!elder sister!” “Let’s go.!” Su Grandma looks at the two kids who climbed on the ground,A helplessness。 I am so happy that I’m not […]

“Wake after I am awakened,I will immediately open the next revitalization.,But this is the last time.,I am leaving this time.,Will go directly to the road,My body is in that world,only……”Summer consciousness,“Just?”

“Just I am uncertain,Whether my body is still alive?。” Summer shocked。 Just asked,Left little fish,“If the body falls,I will also dissipate it.,If the body is not falling,I will reinrge with the soul of the cut.。” “Then what?” “Then……I have reincarnated countless times.,http://www.jxh08.cnWill only become the existence of similar memories,The soul of the body is the […]

“What are you talking about?”Baronia stared at Kay,Han Jiang knows that she is talking to anyone。

“Mr. Walt said his breath is a snake.。” “His breath?”Han Jiang is a little doubt。 “Yes。”This time Walt is in the end with the spirit of Hanjiang.,Let your own words can be heard by Hanjiang。 “Didn’t you see it before??”Han Jiang’s heart。 unfortunately,Hanjiang’s spiritual fluctuations were captured by Watt,Incidentally explained a sentence,“Attention is the same,I […]