Liu Chunlan’s eyes are covered with red blood,She said in a begging tone:“Xiao Fan,You save your dad,Now only you can save him,Even for Yoona,You must save him。”

Xiao Fan nodded,Watching Liu Chunlan say:“Mom, don’t worry,I will try my best to save dad,Don’t worry too much,Yoona will feel distressed if she knows it。” I heard Yoona Lin,Liu Chunlan was stunned,Wiped away tears,Yes, and Yoona,She can’t fall,She has to be strong。 Xiao Fan looked at Liu Chunlan,I feel very uncomfortable,Then he told Li Ma […]

“If something happens to my lady,,Let’s talk about things now,If nothing else,I’ll go first!”

Zong Xueqin glanced at Xia Chenglong bitterly,Then he said to Xia Chenglong in a rather resentful tone:“You guys are really incomprehensible。” Zong Xueqin said quietly to them:“In this case,OK then,Everyone is smart,Straight back and forth,I just opened the skylight to speak up,This time I asked you to come because I want you,To be my bodyguard。” […]

“Really think so。”Chen Wenjin affirmed again。

“I didn’t expect you to think so……”Hui said,The mood is obviously calmer。“Maybe,I actually don’t know you enough。But you don’t know my dad。He has high demands on me,Treat me well and be strict with me。you know,Patriarchal over there,No boy inherits incense,Can’t look up。I’m very stressed as the eldest daughter,My dad won’t allow me to be just […]

These 24 people are all warriors above the transcendent realm,Even if it’s dangerous here,But it won’t happen,What’s more, there is also Xia Chenglong, a master at the peak of the Saint Realm.。

The previous task was executed smoothly,They successfully got what they wanted,Then return according to the scheduled route。 This is a route that has been carefully considered,It stands to reason that they are safe after they came here,However, some players still lost their lives under a mysterious arrow that appeared suddenly。 Everyone started yelling,Warn friends around,Originally […]

Secret Medicine Body,Also proficient in spiritism,So he won’t die if half of his shoulder is beaten,But he knows better,If Lu Menglin wanted to kill him,He will really die。

“do not worry,I will find that Ah Jianglong’s soon!You have too many means,Let’s die obediently!”Lu Menglin’s face is getting colder,Gently pointed Sommeron’s forehead。 This point,Sommeron’s expression froze instantly,The whole person seems to be tens of years old at once,No matter how difficult it is to maintain the transcendence。 “why?Why i would lose to you?This shouldn’t […]

at this time,The waiter also came to serve。

Simple four dishes and one soup,Xiao Fan took a look,Also surprised at the ability of this restaurant,A simple dish can be so delicate。 Tasted,To Lin Yoona:“Ok,not bad!” Lin Yoona smiled,I tasted it just now,Tastes really good,And every dish looks very beautiful,There is always a feeling that makes people unbearable。 “Beautiful lady,Would you please come to […]

original,It turns out that Grandpa didn’t forget them,Keep guarding them silently。

Yangliu always thought,Grandpa will only give gifts on his birthday,I didn’t expect him to do so much。 she was,Really unfilial! “Grandpa is old,And said that I haven’t been alive for a few years,I want to see my children and grandchildren around my knees in my lifetime,Enjoy family happiness。The tree wants to be quiet but the […]

Chen Geng’s spirit shocked,I don’t seem to feel so uncomfortable in my stomach。

The flying instructor in the front seat gave a thumbs up:“Is very good。” “what……” Speaking skills,The part-time ground crew already waiting by the runway(Because the Ivchenko Design Bureau does not have professional ground staff,Are temporary part-time workers in the unit)Swarm up,Vertical ladder、Ready to help,Ready to serve our boss Chen。 In just a few days,Boss Chen […]

This idea is feasible,Ford himselfFBased on the chassis of the class pickup truckBroncoThisSUV(The predecessor of the Ford Explorer),GMCAlso based on its own pickup truck chassis,Created twoSUV:Chevrolet Sabor Class andGMC yukon,Chen Geng’s idea is feasible,With a complete chassis,All Fernandez needs to do is develop a good-looking exterior and interior,Because it is a direct purchase of Ford chassis system,The quality of this car can also be guaranteed,But the problem is,bossCan you design an exterior and interior that is enough to attract consumers??

Facing everyone’s doubts,Chen Geng turned the easel back:“This is the code name I designed‘Beast’Full sizeSUVExterior and interior drawings,what’s everyone’s opinon on this?” how about it? Domineering,Just a first glance,Everyone was designed by Chen Geng in this full sizeSUVAttracted by the domineering appearance,Compared to these full-sizeSUV,Mr. Fernandez designed this full-size beast called theSUVNot only the body […]