The black robe is still silent,Tu Zhi’s eyes lit up,Disappeared,Go straight to the black robe man,Grab the black robe easily,Pull it off。 “Ok?” Silver mask,Same as before,Just why doesn’t it move? “Your Mightiness?” Tu Zhi tentatively asked,Raise your hand,Going carefully towards the silver mask,That person still didn’t move,Everyone mentioned their throat。 They want to see […]

but,If you let the opponent hit your own chest with a wide open door,I’m afraid it won’t be much better。

TonyFeng has tried the power of the opponent’s fist just now,I still have lingering fears,He dare not use his physique,If you let the opponent hit the hollow door,Sure to die。 In an instant,The eyes of the two clash briefly,Smashed together。 TonyFeng looked into his opponent’s eyes,He only saw peace,That is the absolute peace after the […]

at this time,Lu Menglin’s other hand,But quietly held a divine crystal in his palm,Quietly pushed into the body of the priest Lei Ji。

Where he placed this divine crystal,It happened to be on the fourth spine of the Grand Priest Reggie。 There is a section of the spine that is completely necrotic,That’s why Lei Ji was completely paralyzed,I can’t even move my little finger。 however,When this divine crystal replaced a piece of spine bone,The breath of the priest […]

Then looked at Gu Jin and said:“You are his father,Stay with him every day,Should know his excellence,Different from ordinary children,Tell Fan Lao。”

Gu Jin nodded,Then seriously:“Little nian gao is different from ordinary children,Those toys can’t attract his attention,He likes to assemble and disassemble guns,I bought him a lot***。” Mr. Fan has some surprises,Because I also like guns,It can be said to be a collector,I didn’t expect to like guns too,It’s so fate,Fan is very happy。 Gu Jin […]


Chen Geng wants to curse:In the case of poor financial status,Want to launch a100Seat level、Large branch line using turbofan power/The small trunk plane is already very risky,Your Fokker plane still thinks the risk is not big enough,I want to launch two models at the same time?! Such a radical product development strategy,Is this because I […]

When Zhu Shiyao speaks,Very calm tone,According to common sense,Guo Enting should hug Zhu Shiyao tightly at this time。

But don’t know how,When Zhu Shiyao’s voice fell,Guo Enting slapped it directly,The clear fingerprints left on the side of Zhu Shiyao’s face。 I was thinking about roaring the last sentence“you shut up”of,Fortunately, Guo Enting is someone who has received higher education,Reason restrained his body in time。 “It’s not what you think,After talking to Bai Lu […]

The old pharmacist laughed:“This place is called Julong Pavilion,Bring the world together,Nasihaijiaolong offering treasures,On a small island just outside the roundabout。but,You must have a pass to go to the island。”

“What qualifications?”Lu Menglin continued to ask。 ———— Chapter five hundred and six Ostentatious The old pharmacist smiled:“Those three young men just now,The two hundred year old ginseng they want to buy,Is used to qualify for the island。There is a fee to enter the island,But they don’t accept money,Only accept rare herbs,Antique calligraphy and painting。” “There […]

but,Lu Menglin has just mastered the magic skills,The space energy channel structure built by hand is not stable enough,Only two more tearing damage can be played at most,Energy channel collapse,This magic weapon will return to normal combat power。

If supplemented with suitable magic materials,Construct a stable energy channel for this magic weapon,Then the result is different。 This is the magic of magic technology,It’s also the most crazy place! Just imagine,Someone can increase the power of the gods,Complete the reversal in a critical battle,This is for the strong,It’s almost equivalent to several times more […]