“Xiaohu has good eyesight,You have spotted this。”Lao Su said without hesitation。

“Purple gourd,Really rare。”Wah Chai Open Road。 Old Su shook his head:“This is not a gourd grown from a gourd vine,Made of precious wood。” Uh! Xiaoxiao and others quickly took a closer look,Sure enough, it was made of wood。but,The problem is coming,Purple wood?What kind of wood is this? “This wood,The colors are so beautiful。”Of course she […]

In fact, according to some normal experience, these people will not wake up at all for a while. It’s even possible that they have been back for a long time,They will wake up,Or knowing something can find them caught。

Then Yiming and Chu Yao are real undercover agents and they are filming to collect evidence,But these are not important anymore,The two of them left here after planning,Planning to go back to Xiao Fan。 After all, they don’t know what happened this time.,I still hope to help Xiao Fan,Even a little help is good,The happiest […]

Until the two of them take a taxi back,When parting on the stairs,Wang Shuai asked him drunkly:“I really don’t want to know what Qiancao is doing against Huang Hui?”

“good night,Good dream。”Chen Wenjin opens the door,close the door,Take a bath,go to bed。 If Xiao Gao feels necessary,Will definitely come to him。 If you care,Chen Wenjin is more concerned about whether Xiao Gao has been determined by Hui to choose。 Chen Wenjin is not optimistic,Hui didn’t make up his mind after the holiday,Now there is […]


“.” Although Duan Xiaolou is speechless,But still helping Qin Fengcāo)Make it up。The conversation between the President of Myanmar and Qin Feng actually can hear。 But didn’t mean to interrupt,Because they all know,Now it’s Qin Feng’s negotiation with the President of Myanmar。Even if what Qin Feng did was beyond the control of Chinese officials。But in the […]

“Don’t move forward!”

The tide of corpses is approaching,The order of the team is in chaos again。 “shot!Shot all!Never let more people be implicated because of compassion!” The person who yelled this sentence may be with the sir,Someone closed his eyes and shot,Some people are indifferent to this order。 After a round of gunfire,Not a single refugee fell。 […]

And this little detail means,Skeleton soldier’s small defense,Has become very powerful。

Just repeat thisBUGGo down,The level of this summoned creature,Will exceed everyone’s imagination。Lu Menglin even suspected,Maybe it will become the first full-level summoned creature in the true sense of Shenmin Continent。 of course,This process is also extremely painful,I’m exhausted every day,Dying,This kind of fatigue gradually sinks into the bones,It’s not something ordinary people can afford,Only Lu […]

“Hu Ge,please wait a moment,I turn things out。”Wumachuan opened his mouth。

Finished,Asked my grandfather again:“Grandpa,Which ones are passed down by the old lady?” The old man followed in,Find out the things in memory together。 Wumachuan’s grandma and mother are talking to Populus and them,Keep asking if Hu Yang and Hua Zi have girlfriends,I want to introduce girls。 Populus is okay,Can handle,Huazi retired instantly,Blushing when asked。Only Xiaoli […]

The fourth lunch brought in,He didn’t move a bit,Not not hungry,But the woman is starving,He doesn’t have an appetite to eat?

The people at the front desk don’t want to do it,Even without his clear instructions,Should also follow the most basic hospitality,Not even a glass of water,Treat customers so harshly,Huo Shi has not been laughed generously? and,As a former colleague,The least thing to do,What kind of iron heart can do this? Damn it! Huo Yunhe completely […]

Huo Yunhe always Leng Ran,Rarely show emotions,Lu Xin’s eyes stayed on him,See him anxious、See him upset、See him depressed.

Look at him from time to time to the entrance of the banquet hall,Watch him leave the seat,Watch him call.This is the expression of falling in love。 Yun He,Didn’t you guys stay together sweetly the other day??How can you be so worried today?So unconfident,Is that you? Yun He,You are so good,But the vision is so […]

This is also no way,His strength in the group is not high,Than flower pity,Jiu Shu and Shen Ziyao are stronger。

And Hua Lian, an ordinary little girl,I’m sorry to let her entertain,Jiu Shu is more breezy and less lustful,Not suitable。Not to mention Shen Ziyao,That’s Senior Prophet,The group status is second only to the group leader,Members have to teach her many things! As for Tony,,I can let him entertain,But with his temperament,Let him entertain newcomers to […]