“So?”That person still doesn’t care。

From the young man’s point of view,Just state the time, place, and goal,Maureen always talks a lot about mother-in-law。 “So that person used all means,Check Ms. Tao and her staff thoroughly,And preached to spread this information。but,If it’s just that,It’s mainly because Ms. Tao’s non-thinking actions make the other party very vigilant now,Not only staying every […]

Chen Gui smiled and said:“I came home from work today,My wife said Youcai got him an office job,You have to fight,I just want to come over and ask,What the hell is going on?Just my wife,I can’t figure out a bit of shit at home,What office is she going to sit in?“

“Hey!Don’t talk nonsense,Didn’t your wife say that he was in sophomore year??This is considered a high school student,Don’t worry about how to work where I am?“Wang Youcai, who has not spoken all the time, put down the bowl in his hand,Said to Chen Gui with a little disdain。 Wang Degui is on fire as soon […]

I spent 5 million to buy a painting I like,Really nothing。”

“boss,Even if it’s your own collection,I won’t interfere with this……I also know that you are good to us all,but,There must be rules in the shop,As the treasurer, I suggest,When discussing transactions with customers in the future,No one who hasn’t asked can no longer interrupt,Should I be punished?。” Fang Qiong knew that he was in trouble […]

Open the curtains,A silver-clad world outside,It turned out that there was a heavy snow last night。

Looking at such a beautiful snow scene,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling very good。He opened the window,Took two deep breaths of fresh air。He suddenly found,No one is walking on the road。It seems that the snow is not small。 Xia Jian hurriedly brushed his teeth and washed his face,Then went downstairs。Had a not too late breakfast in […]

The boss glanced at Xia Jian and said:“It’s really cheap for you,I recognized a sister so easily,Hurry up and pour a cup of tea for Sister“The boss is a man on the road,Naturally understand the rules。

Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up quickly,He took the cup,Poured a cup of tea inside,Hands raised above head,Respectfully:“Sister, please have tea“ Fat sister saw Xia Jian so polite,She laughed and took the tea from Xia Jian,Took a sip and said:“Sit down!Sister drank your cup of tea today,From now on we will be sisters and brothers。If you have […]

“You probably didn’t know that she lost her memory?It was the explosion,And it’s been so long,The body has not recovered completely,Also rely on a wheelchair,Although I don’t know why you survived,But not important,Now you are about to die。”

“Amnesia……”Yu Zhe was shocked,This word flashed through my mind repeatedly,He can’t believe what Qi Xianwei said,But if it’s true,Then everything he couldn’t figure out before,It can be explained…… Not reconciled…… He wanted to resist for a moment,But as soon as I had the intention, I was pushed to the ground by the people around me,A […]

“Friends on the road?You mean it’s dark?Gangsters come to security?cut,It’s been so long,We all know,He is just a few fellows outside,Where are some friends?Talk a little bit。”

“Saner saw it with my own eyes,Those people are so vicious。My grass,The two bodyguards following,Two as big as you。Not on the road,Is it the police??” “Don’t you say,It’s really possible。I heard that the two gangsters who were defeated by him have their braids……”The security suddenly stopped talking,Because he turned his head and saw Wang Juan […]

“White tiger?”

Chen Xiu’s heart trembled,Whispered:“You are the ancestor of Baihu!” “Dao Ye Xuanwu。” Xuanwu ancestor slowly turned right,Raise the sword in your left hand,The sword is across the chest,Left and right palms facing each other,Like a ball。 “Tai Chi Sword!” Chen Xiu saw that his sword was not out,Already gaining momentum,He also saw Tai Chi swordsmanship […]

At the root of the wall,There is a low table,There is a large sofa around。There are several men of different skin colors yelling frantically。In every man’s arms,All sitting with a woman who wears very little。

Ruth pulled Xia Jian aside,Lying on his ear and said:“Which black man in the middle,Which is a woman sitting on his left and right legs,Tompu。 In fact, Xia Jian basically guessed it as soon as he saw it。But what he didn’t know was,People like this should have money,Then why did you come out to lie?? […]