Buzzing,The leaf knife flies back from the depths of the sky,But a green leaf is all around Li Tianzhi,These few strains are like lightning and flint,In one go,Not only did Darrow Lord change color,And Kampot, who claims to know Li Tianchou very well, was stunned.,The Heavenly Booming Sword, which has been refined by the master for a long time and failed to succeed, is so terrifying in Li Tianzhu’s hands.。

With Darrow’s scream,The mysterious iron spear in Li Tianzhi’s hand whizzed and flew,Go straight to her heart,Darrow Creepy,Turn around and run,The figure twists like a snake,Quickly change the direction of escape,High and low,Left and right,Up and down,Dazzling,But the big gun is never two meters away from behind it。 “Li Xiucheng,You really want to kill everything?”Darrow […]

“This is how to do?I call her,No one answered……Isn’t something wrong??Not as good as……If you are free now,Go back to Fangjia Pharmacy!”

Hu Yili suggested。 She wants to go。 She is a disabled person,Don’t mess up。 “Ok!” Fang Yu hung up。 Feeling about Jiang Wan’er,Have to deal with it。 “Something?” Zang Yun still wants Fang Yu to stay and chat with his father for a while。 But seeing Fang Yu’s expression,Doesn’t seem to work! “Yes!I have to […]

For Wright’s strength,Even Melville was a little surprised,He can see that Cecilia is amazing,Wright is just a soul mutation,Divine power is also equivalent to upper divine power。But showing such strength,I am afraid that the law is no less than his perception,But he has practiced for ten billion years。

immediately,In the mind of Dowright, a soul transmission。 “brat,I heard that you have only practiced for three hundred years,real or fake?But I think your profound understanding of the law is not much worse than mine!” “Senior Melville,My perception of the law fusion,It has nothing to do with the cemetery of the gods。” “The little guy […]

The onlookers seem to be not very enthusiastic about knives,After all, its sense of security is far less than the gun can bring,So there are only a few people trying to follow the price,But after seeing Yu Zhe raise the price again,All chose to give up。

There is no doubt that,This knife ended up at a relatively low price,Photographed by Yu Zhe,He was a little excited when he took the knife。 So long passed,He finally touched the knife again。 Feel the comfortable texture of the knife in your hand,He admires the knife in front of him like an artwork。 That knife […]

Ge Hong suddenly changed color on the side:“Zhongji combat skills——Dragon and Tiger!”

In the world, there are nine-tier subdivision combat skills,And because there are so many cultivators in the secret realm,How many combat skills have been developed over hundreds of thousands of years,Can no longer subdivide one by one。 The combat skills in the secret realm are generally divided into low-level combat skills、Intermediate combat skills、Three advanced combat […]

Did not expect,Today, he saw a genius of the heaven-defying level,And the other party seems to be a member of the Slayer。

That sword,perfect,Surprised,I definitely realized the whole way,Has such power。 ———— Chapter Seventeen Fight Even a genius,But you are still the Purple Mansion after all,And in the early days of the Purple Mansion,I’m afraid the gods and demons are not as strong as I thought!” “I don’t believe it,Can’t kill you!”At this moment, City Lord Tianxi […]

“This is a tribute to Cthulhu。”Li Ming chuckled to himself,Then shook his head。

Panlong Universe is better,Whether it’s devouring the starry universe,Or the universe,All very broad,Never lack monsters similar to foreign gods。 In fact,A fairy octopus,If you are proficient in one or two illusions,Also imitate。 but,All kinds of things in this maze of strange stars,Don’t talk about mundane,Even if the true immortal ancestor took a look,Will be polluted,And […]