Finished the second case of beer,The three of you just stopped,Laughed and walked down the restaurant。

? ———— First1251chapter Lead the wolf into the room Wang Youcai came back from the hospital from Ni Xiaoli,I didn’t sleep for a while。 Mother-in-law is too tired,But he made several calls to his mother Chen Yueqin,Let her come up and help,But Chen Yueqin is just two words“Not help“ Wang Youcai really doesn’t know how […]

This woman’s black skirt is even shorter,As soon as she sat down,The skirt comes naturally to the root of the thigh。She is wearing black stockings。Wang Youcai took a look,There is a wild impulse。

Xiao Li poured another glass of wine for Wang Youcai,Then smiled and said:“I really can’t tell that Mr. Wang is still a big man!”When this woman is talking,Flattery。 Wang Youcai reached out secretly,Patted Xiao Li’s thigh lightly and said:“Let’s listen to the manager first,If it’s bad,That’s for drinking” Huh Ying laughed and said:“We always have […]

“I suspect‘Blood shadow’People,Because I found English round letters on the arm of a violent who was killed‘BS’abbreviation of。”Gu Jian on the other end of the phone has lingering fears,There was a bullet that wiped his head during the gunfight.,Unfortunately ran away one,Catch one,Also killed one。

“There was a gun battle at the scene?”The instructor was taken aback,Gu Jian moves fast,There is still no news from the police and local Guoan。 “Small scale,The other party is cruel,Also carry automatic weapons,The Shuanglou police have blocked the scene,No one on our side is injured,Guo Xiao stayed to cooperate with the police。” “The people […]

“Which Liu Hall?”The man surnamed Hu asked,This person looks good,But his eyes are extremely sharp,Exactly’Ranger’Doctor Hu Dehai。

“Liu Guide,Deputy Director Liu,After Curator Zhang was investigated,He straightened。”Zhang Qiujin has a natural fear of the man surnamed Hu next to him,Do not know why,The breath emanating from this person,Always give him a very uncomfortable feeling,So answer this person’s question as concisely as possible。 “Can i reach him?” “of course,He went to a meeting in […]

Limited to expertise,The instructor obviously can’t tell what those instruments are for,But the picture suddenly brightens,Change the dim and dim state just now。Judging from perception,The instructor guessed that Li Tianchou might have turned on a flashlight,Start recording video on each instrument。

This process is not long,But it also took more than two minutes,The instructor finally recognized a few limited equipment based on his experience and common sense.,A liquid chromatograph,Another one seems to be a centrifuge,The last one is blind,Something like a freezer is probably an ice maker。 The others just don’t come out,But the variety of […]

Jiang Ya was talking as she walked forward:“Zheng Tianming,Are you going to cause trouble here?”

———— Chapter 7 Shen Yue’s Entanglement,Give me a chance “Dare not,How dare i offend you。” “this matter,All misunderstanding。” After Zheng Tianming saw Jiang Ya,Waved his hands again and again,Don’t forget to say to here。 but,Finish talking in Zheng Tianming,Jiang Ya raised her head and glanced at him,With a trace of contempt in my eyes。 “Since […]

This is what the man is responsible.,It is also the sense of responsibility of the family.!

NS899chapter I finish speaking…… Farace is light,Except for religious activities,Traditional customs are every Lunar New Year’s Day,Every household must eat“fast”,This custom,It is related to the popularity of Buddhism in China.。certainly,This is a later thing。 Because Buddhism is originally can’t help but eat meat,Later, because of a political order of Liang Wu Emperor Xiao Yan,Don’t eat […]

This is a bit overstatement,A shot of the white woman’s sneak attack was to scratch his scalp,My hair was really broken by the heat of the bullet。

“Brother Chen,Is there any clue,Who sent it?”He Shouheng also came over and said:“You are my VIP,If I dare to attack you, I can’t get through,I promise not to make him feel better!” Chen Xiu has a lot of enemies,The two female killers are also dead,I don’t even know who sent it,I shook his head helplessly。 […]

“I just found it,Evergreen pine is on the ancestral grave of the Chen family,This is a sign of prosperity!”

“Pull it,Uncle Lin,Last time you said there was grass on the grave,Destitute!” “Pooh,I never said such a thing!” “……” This morning, the Chen family took the initiative to lively,Mother Chen is also a big candy、Prepare tea to entertain the neighborhood。 When it’s lunch time, the people slowly dispersed,The Chen family is rarely cleansed down,Really ready […]


For Li Tianchou’s call,Wu Fang pondered for a minute。Heart,This kid is smelly and hard,It’s hard to ask for help,Must be in big trouble。Infer from the brief sentences just now,Yuxing’s backbone may have been dispatched,Who do you want to fight with in such a big battle?? Wu Fang wants to break his head and has no […]