Li Lan’s excessive affection,Makes Xia Jian very uncomfortable。He knew,Li Lan did it right to him,There must be something。

as expected,When Qin Xiaomin made tea for him and just brought it over。Li Lan laughed and said:“Xia Jian!Call you to our house today,Auntie has something to discuss with you”Li Lan’s tone is very calm。 “Auntie, just say something,Don’t need to be so polite”Xia Jian smiled and said。 Li Lan took a deep breath and said:“The […]

but now,Just quieted outside,Gan Yifan can’t sit still,“I go around。”

Wu Heng grabbed him,“we agreed,Don’t run around。” “I don’t go far,Just around。”Gan Yifan said。 “That’s not OK,Captain Shen let us stay in the cave,Let’s not just walk around。” Gan Yifan helplessly said:“Angkor,Does anyone say you are very rigid?” Wu Heng sternly,“This is not rigid,Is discipline。” “Sister Xia suspects that these caves are sandworm nests,Although the […]

Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Lin Ling rushed to say:“Don’t worry,Your salary is definitely not worse than your time in the startup group,You will be the executive vice president of our group,Only under me,how about it?”

Ma Yan was anxious,She was about to talk,Xia Jian quickly motioned her not to speak,Because of occasions like this,Ma Yan’s words are really inappropriate。 “Thank you Uncle Lin and President Lin!I appreciate your kindness。Although I’m not working in the venture group,But several new projects I developed are related to the future development trend of agriculture […]

of course,If a true god,It’s not difficult to get this kind of treasure for ordinary practice。

But this kind of treasure at the same level is hard to find。 Li Ming also tried,【Enlightenment Altar】with【Sambo Lingxiang】By acting,It can increase the training efficiency of the second soul by about half。 And the deity’s soul is much weaker,Enlightenment efficiency can be increased by about three times—In fact, the improvement effect is slightly closer。 “These […]

“You just want to have a vicious dog barking outside,I’m tired and bored。”The teenager glanced around,Suddenly remembered the look of those vicious dogs when begging on the mainland,I have to feel the pain to stop,“Our previous plan should not be interrupted by these vicious dogs,Robbery Hall,That’s it,Find the most favorable time within five days。”

“But in the coalition that invaded just now,There is no Wuwei Temple,That’s not easy。”Elder Hao still disagrees with the young man’s decision。 “I’m talking about timing,What’s the use of more people?” “but……”Elder Hao has to say more,But was kicked by elder Jin seemingly inadvertently,I had to shut up and stared at the boy。 Indescribable emotions […]

“of course,You can also consider acquiring some super hot application vendors in the market,Strive to be bigger and stronger。Macro language is not yet popular in Europe and America,Microsoft can seize the opportunity,Train a group of technicians proficient in macro language,In the future, when the system becomes popular in Europe and America,Maybe Microsoft can live better than it is now。In fact, many technology companies can live well without a system。Like yoursfacebook。”Wang Yufei said。

Bill·Gates stared at Wang Yufei blankly。 The mind is running fast,Consider the feasibility of this proposal。 Yes,Bill·Gates is really thinking about whether Wang Yufei’s suggestion is feasible。 no way,Facing the strength of Changxiang Technology,Jean Bill·Gates feels great pressure。 Facelessness is never the most important thing,Whether an enterprise can survive the fierce market competition is the […]

Wang Youcai took it out and took a look,Takeo called during the call.,Wang Youcai quickly connected。Wu Wu’s joyous voice came on the phone:“Wang Ge!We watched all the Chinese and Western medicines shipped。Dr. Lu and I have train tickets tonight,The day after tomorrow”

“it is good!This thing is beautiful。I will go back to Chenzhuang this afternoon,Wait until the medicine arrives,I’ll rush over。We officially opened on the eighteenth of the twelfth lunar month,Tell Doctor Lu about this”Wang Youcai finished,So he hung up the phone。 Listen to the Julan on the side,Happier than Wang Youcai。Julan is more like this,Wang Youcai’s […]