Demystifying the makeup sample


Demystifying the makeup sample

I don’t know if you will be hovering in front of the cosmetics counter for a set of beloved cosmetic samples, in order to make up for the redemption limit, you will be satisfied.

Or join the brand’s VIP membership system, because cute BA said that if you accumulate certain points, you can exchange for great gifts.

These small samples, or more charming medium ones, are like a controller that touches the sensory end of the shopping nerve, because it looks too cute, because it is too convenient to bring it when traveling or traveling, because I can try out the purchase planOther items, because they are free . No matter what the reason, there are very few women who are immovable in the face of these cosmetic samples. In fact, there are many secrets in these samples. Let us uncover this joy and people.Veil of sorrowful truth.

  Question 1: Will the brand fill out the expired or nearly expired products into samples?

  Doubt: The main purpose of the sample is to cultivate potential customers into actual customers. The characteristics of the product that is made into the sample include the most basic, star, and latest products, and whether it is a piece sample or a bottle sample, if it is imported from abroad,The brand will affix a Chinese label with the date of use and a simple description, as well as a laser label of the national CIQ imported product; if it is produced domestically, the Chinese description and date will be printed directly on the bottle.

If there is no sample marked above, you can certainly refuse to accept it.

  Question two: In order to attract everyone to buy, the quality of the sample of the brand will be better than the quality of the genuine product sold on the counter?

  Solve doubts: You absolutely have to believe that no brand will have such a manpower and material improvement, pull out a production line, purchase additional batches of raw materials, and remake a formula, especially for you to make samples, samples and sales in the counterThe products are exactly the same.

In addition, there is no problem that the quality of the packaged sample and the bottled sample are different. There is only a difference in the cost of packaging production between them.

  Question three: Why are some brands giving samples more generous, while some brands are more stingy?

  Doubt: We usually convert the value of the sample by dividing the purity of the genuine product by the number of milliliter and multiplying the volume of the sample. However, this method is only suitable for film packaging. If it is an ordinary plastic bottle, the cost will exceed the increase.10%, if it is a bottle made completely with authentic 10: 1, the cost will be 10% higher. If the sample is imported, the brand will need to pay additional tariffs. The public relations director of a famous imported brand said:It really can’t afford it.

“Question 4: Is it possible to get samples without buying products?

  Doubt: The most practical way is to send a sample from the brand posted on the magazine, or to get a sample by cutting the corner of the magazine.

If you want to get a free sample at the counter, in one case, when the brand new product is listed and there is ample sample reserve, you can go to the counter for consultation. After talking, the counter lady generally will not give you a sample to try.Long-term customers of the brand are more likely to succeed.

There is also a more serious and obvious problem with your skin. When you go to the counter for medicine and cosmetics, the beauty consultant at the counter will recommend targeted products according to your situation. After using this sample, the effect will be obvious and come back to the counter.The purchase rate is high, and your chances of getting free samples are high.

  Question 5: How can I get more samples when I buy a product?

  Solve doubts: We always focus on communication. It is most important not to point directly at the product you want to buy, and leave after you buy it. If you have time, you can listen to the explanation of the use of the other products that are matched with the purchase of the product.Later, you can ask her to send you some demos of supporting products.

In addition, visiting the cosmetics counter with a female partner instead of a boyfriend is also a must-kill. After having a pleasant chat, in my experience, the beauty consultant will actively give your friends some samples to attract repeat customers.

  If you are a loyal user of the brand, it is definitely the best choice to fill in member information and purchase products from a fixed counter lady. Not only are the samples sent relatively generous, sometimes others will leave very rare samples to themselves.VIP customers.

In addition, the brand will give very exquisite samples at irregular member activities. Moreover, these activities will not only choose to be in some high-end clubs, the environment is beautiful and the refreshments are beautiful, and there is no compulsory sales action on the spot, soDon’t worry about it. If you go in without buying anything, you can’t get out. If you call for an invitation, go boldly!

  Tip: Little secrets disclosed by some people in cosmetics!

  The brand’s principle of giving samples is: “Double sales” is to drive sales of B with A. You buy skin care products and have a higher probability of obtaining makeup samples. When you purchase makeup, you can get samples of perfume.

  The counters are also evacuated like biological daughters and stepdaughters. At the counters with good business, the brand supports sample support, and the number and variety are more. Therefore, it will be a smarter choice to go to the large shopping malls with concentrated cosmetics.

  Samples also need to be ordered, especially samples imported from overseas. It is likely that there will be a star product sample cut-off date. At this time, don’t doubt too much about the lady at the counter. She said that it may not be true. When you buy the product, butIn the case that you don’t get the sample you want, you can make a request that the next time you come to the sample and take it, there is no need to be embarrassed.