Teach you how to spot fake singles

Teach you how to spot fake singles

There is no way to try everything, but the more features below, the more you will open your eyes.


If the phone is with you, he often receives reminders and asks whether to go home for dinner, especially when the first sentence of the other party is usually “Where are you?” Be careful . Of course, my mother will ask these tooAnother feature of his girlfriend’s phone is that he likes to ask “Where to go this weekend”, and you listen carefully to how he answers.


QQ / MSN / blog space some mysterious message somehow?

Some mood story words?

Find out, is he preventing your feelings, or is he telling someone away?


If a man suddenly gains weight in the short term, he is either suffering from hyperthyroidism or being a groom.


He will say “I bought it for myself”, but if the style is simple and you wear the right fingers, you will have a long eye.


He has a comfortable cushion for personal belongings?

Put on a hand-knitted scarf when it’s cold?

Have an intimate nap never let others touch?

Be careful.


Where he goes from Monday to Friday, but cannot find anyone on Saturday and Sunday, you must be alert to “weekend couples”.


Show off men often like to show themselves when they chase you.

When he exaggerated himself to heaven, you said lightly: “The bitch must be very happy, right?

… “The first reaction is that singles will deny it, and companions will acquiesce. If you die and then change the subject, you will run into a ghost.