Fan Jie Jiang Xin Beauty 3 norms raises tender and tender skin Q_1

Fan Jie Jiang Xin Beauty 3 specifications to raise the tender and tender Q skin

If you want to say how hot the “Ode to Joy” is, just look at the discussion volume of the friends around you recently.

It is said that the three women have a drama, and the five beautiful people are even more lively.

In the play, Jiang Xin, played by Fan Xin, alternates verses, and can even search for drunk faces. However, her good skin quality is really amazing. Follow Sister Fan to learn, good skin quality can’t run!

  Fan Sister Beauty Code 1: Sister Fan in the drama at 10:30 is an out-of-the-box beauty control. Even if she wears a mask, she yells to go to bed at 10:30 to go to sleep. Otherwise, she must go into deep sleep at 11:30Skin doesn’t work!

Don’t you think that Sister Fan is making a fuss, full sleep is very important, and the time to fall asleep is the key factor that determines your skin quality the next day.

  Our human liver starts to detoxify from 11:00 pm. If you can enter deep sleep at this time, it will help promote cell metabolism and help you to eliminate UV damage and stress fatigue accumulated during the day, and make skin care products better.absorb.

And if you go to bed after 11 o’clock, the skin’s detoxification effect will be greatly reduced. The next day will be rough and dry, and acne pores will come to your door.

No wonder once someone interferes with Sister Fan’s sleep, she’s all bad!

  Outside of the show, Jiang Xin’s skin is also so good that his “Tao Xin Group” often abuses dog photos on Weibo from time to time. Is the relationship so good?

It is said that all those who can meet each other are pro-girlfriends. In the photo, Jiang Xin, not Su Yan, has smooth and delicate skin, and his skin tone is very uniform. He usually looks like a good baby who sleeps on time.

  Knock on the small blackboard: Good skin needs to sleep and feel good. If such a simple thing ca n’t be done, no matter how many skincare products are used, the irregularities of daily life will be reflected very intuitively on the skin of the face.Sister, go to bed at half past ten!

  Sister Fan’s beauty norms 2: Makeup must be removed before going to bed. In order to help the old lover Wang Baichuan rent a house, Sister Fan is very busy every day and exhausted.

It ‘s so tired to go home. After the customs reminder, I still get up and remove my makeup immediately. You can see the essence of makeup removal.

EVE LOM, a famous British skin care expert, said: Thoroughly cleaning the skin and thoroughly removing makeup is absolutely the foundation of beauty.

Makeup remover is the first step to start maintenance. How long it takes to make up will take the same amount of time to remove makeup, even if you only apply sunscreen.

  Fan Xiaomei’s demonstration in person, until the night tired dogs have to remove makeup.

If you do n’t remove your makeup before bedtime, you will get trouble with acne and acne. It will cause pigmentation in the long run. It ‘s the perfect killer of skin!

Look at Makiyo, who does not remove makeup before going to bed in “Seven Fairies in Taiwan,” and knows that it will be younger next year, but it has become aunt-like.

  Remember to move gently when removing makeup, try to avoid pulling the face skin too much, otherwise the skin will become thinner and smaller, and it will cause skin sensitivity in the long run.

Do not make any rude movements to your skin because you are in a hurry to sleep. Wait until your makeup is removed before going to the beauty area for maintenance.

With deep cleansing once a week, good skin is not a dream!

  Of course, occasionally we also need to infiltrate and breathe our skin. When not filming, Jiang Xin likes to show his face with a plain face, which can greatly reduce the burden on the skin.

Seeing Jiang Xin, who is over 30 years old, selling Meng is not inconsistent. The girl is full of feelings, which is inseparable from her good skin.

  Fan Sister Beauty Fabric 3: Spent money and care is not soft Sister Fan lives in a three-person shared house and buys cheap clothes and shoes every day by online shopping.

But to the face, Sister Fan’s care for a smashing money is by no means soft.

When I saw Fan Fan wearing more than 700 pieces of Givenchy lace mask, netizens shouted: Fan Fan, your rent has been applied to the mask!

This is really a strength interpretation of “you deserve the best.”

  As the saying goes, one point is one price and one item is worth, luxury skin care products are indeed worth investing. Occasionally adding a meal to the skin can double your skin care effect.

In order to save money, everyone’s makeup removers and cleansing can be done with cheap goods, save money, and buy your most expensive skin care products.

  Jiang Xin showed off the funny photos in the play on Weibo. Although the shape is a hilarious chartered wife Fan, but the skin does not look like it, smooth and moist only need a thin layer of base makeup,It is said that Jiang Xin also loves to apply the mask in private, and it can even make makeup look more comfortable and give skin a lot of nutrition in a short time.

  Sister Fan is truly a baby muscle!

In the photo with the little male god Xuanxuan, the skin is not inferior to that of the children. Jiang Xin’s skin is white and moist, and there is no fatigue in QQ bullets. It seems that there is no shortage of hydrating mask on weekdays!

  In addition to good skin care, some bad habits will hurt the skin, it is best not to do it.

  Don’t do things that hurt your skin.

Use makeup remover regularly. Makeup remover must be used every time you remove makeup. It may seem like a good habit, but it is not.

The main ingredients of cleansing oil are oil and emulsifier.

After using something like foundation, removing makeup with a cleansing oil becomes easy and thorough.

Although the cleansing oil has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, acne and inflammation may still appear after more use.In order to reduce the absolute irritation, it is better to use makeup remover only for heavy makeup.


Squeezing acne does not eliminate inflammation Squeezing acne: Acne is completely good for 7-10 days, it will leave scars, and if you leave it alone, the recovery time will only be 2-3 days.Bacteria on the fingers will enter the acne, which is very likely to cause skin infections.

  Be patient enough.

Choose an organic skin care product that contains salicylic acid and apply it twice daily.

Applying acne with a cotton sheet soaked in eye drops can calm the skin and reduce inflammation.


Ointments When organic skin care products appear pimples, erythema, or molt on the skin, many ointments can work in the short term, but they should not be used for a long time after the symptoms are relieved.