at last,All the tank tracks are entangled by these damn vines,It seems that this kind of plants in the entire jungle have been summoned。

And the strange thing is,They have an unusual hobby for this big metal guy,But have no feeling for the humans passing by,Whether it’s ordinary people or mutants,It seems that everything is not their dish。
Chapter six hundred and ninety one Magical tahini
The role of the tank seems to be limited to this,Then the jungle gradually enters the deep terrain,Is not suitable for tanks to move on。
“All tanks,Form a defensive circle!The infantry began to clean up the environment。”General Will’s words from the command vehicle。
Tankers are driving tanks one after another,Made a big circle,End to end,More than a dozen barrels uniformly outward,Like a big hedgehog covered with thorns。
Strange!When the tank stalls,Loss of heat source response,The crazy vines around have gradually lost their vitality,Become slow and hesitant。
Soldiers brandishing machetes,Forcibly cut all the vines around the tank,Piled up a big circle,Then another Pyro with a flamethrower came forward,Ignite all these chopped vines with a high-temperature flame。
The fire rose to the sky,There was a screaming scream from the flames。
Everyone is watching this scene,Not much pleasure,On the contrary, they all feel worried。
To know,This is just going deep into the jungle,It also belongs to the edge of the human mutant activity area,The tank has been abandoned,Lost the cover of heavy weapons,The next road will only be harder。
“Everyone remembers this coordinate point!Here is our way out!I will leave the tanks here,As long as anyone gets hurt in the process,Or want to quit,Can come back here,Waiting for rescue。”General Will’s words came out of the loudspeaker,This made everyone’s mood a little better。
Who he refers to,Obviously including those mutant teams,They will also be protected by the tank group,This also made them feel much better,I have become less resistant to this mission。
Mutants in these red zones,They themselves need to enter the jungle to hunt,Use the resources of those mutant creatures,In exchange for the need to survive,So about entering the jungle itself,They are not particularly resistant,Make them angry and upset,It’s actually the attitude of this blue zone army,They don’t want to be treated as cannon fodder,Inexplicably sacrifice for others。
but now,General Will’s words,Obviously took care of their mood,Make them a member of the army,Mood is completely different。
The joint team that Lu Menglin is in is mixed with the army,Each of them is wearing a special black plastic armor,Walking in the jungle,Extraordinarily eye-catching。
The soldiers ahead wield machetes,Overcoming obstacles,Make a way out in the dense jungle。