Autumn health recipes

Autumn Health Recipes

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that removing Qiuzao and moistening the lungs and yin are the two major elements of health in autumn.

Today, the soup should be cooked with salted pork bones. This soup is clean and delicious. It has the effects of removing Qiuzao and lowering fire qi, clearing heat and replenishing yin.

  Lotus root is a seasonal vegetable in autumn. It contains starch and protein. The lotus root is very soft and fragrant when it is cooked in soup, so it is called “pink lotus root”.

Guangdong folks always love to use salted pork bones to make soup to moisten and dry the fire. Many families have to marinate it to ensure quality. The method is also very simple.

  Materials: 800 grams of lotus root, 500 grams of salted pork bones, 1/4 of peel, 80 grams of mung beans, 4 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Wash pork bones, cut into sections, pickle and pickle with raw salt, and set in the refrigerator overnight; lotus roots are peeled, washed, and cut into sections; the rind is soaked, and the beans are soaked;

Put the ginger in a clay pot with ginger, add 3000 ml of water (about 12 bowls), and boil the fire, then change to a simmering pot for about 2 hours, try the salt or not.

This amount attracts 3-4 people.