Love Slimming Dumbbell Exercise to Move Your Body

Love Slimming Dumbbell Exercise to Move Your Body


A closer look at dumbbell exercises If you are the spokesperson for dumbbell exercises, Cindy Crawford is the best person to be a friend!

You know, dumbbell exercises are the only kind of training that Cindy insists on every day.

Lose weight, improve joint flexibility, increase physical beauty, dumbbell exercise all-around “do it”.

No wonder Cindy’s secret to bodybuilding is: small dumbbells + perseverance = devil figure!

  In the gym, I saw these little things, very light, bright colors, and exquisite figures, each weighing about 2 pounds. Coach Chen Aijuan said that dumbbell exercises combine boring dumbbell training with the rhythm of aerobic exercises to make it simple.Repetitive movements become interesting, and the weight-bearing of dumbbells makes the whole body muscles move together, which is a perfect combination. It is currently very popular in Jiangcheng gyms.

  Coach Chen asked me to practice with her. I picked up dumbbells. It wasn’t heavy!

I can hold on, but through the sound of music, I feel that my movements are not so flexible. I keep bending and twisting, twisting my waist, squatting, and my whole body is driven. I only jumped for 15 minutes, and I was breathless.When I stopped, I felt a little sore, but I could still bear it.

  Coach Chen told me that dumbbell exercises are about “moderate weight and repeated many times.”

In a pair of lessons, you only need to hold dumbbells for about 35 minutes. If it is too heavy, you will build large muscles.


The classic movements are aligned with the first stroke. Dumbbells, sideways legs, lunges, stand up, retract your abdomen, and your left arm backward. Let your upper arm try to close to your body, bend your elbow, and bend your arm forward. Do 12?
16 times, then repeat the same action with the right arm.

Exercise area: can dismember the excess meat and aunt on the outside of the arm.

  The second method is to stand upright and pull the dumbbells upright, standing with your feet as wide as your shoulders, abdomen, holding the dumbbells in your left hand, holding your right hand behind the neck, and bending to the right. Repeat the same action in the opposite direction.

Exercise area: It can help you tighten the muscles in your waist.

  In the third step, squat your feet forward and back, lunge, the forefoot touches the ground, the hindfoot touches the ground, and the heels are raised, holding the dumbbells vertically with both hands.

Focus on the hind feet, squat, the front and back legs are 90 degrees, and the hind legs are vertical to the ground.

Exercise area: can make the thighs slender and strong.


Body-building effects Dumbbell exercises have a fat-reducing effect on all parts of the body, especially the arms, shoulders, and hips. They can also lengthen muscles and make the body slender.

After about 2 months, the effect came out.


Adapt to the crowd Dumbbell exercise is suitable for a wide range of people, basically everyone can try it.


Warm-up exercises are sufficient: If you do this kind of equipment exercise, if you do not warm up well, the chance of injury will increase.

Final relaxation is also important, which helps the muscles to develop long, streamlined shapes.

Action standard: Holding dumbbells, it is naturally impossible to “chaos”.

Although the action is not difficult, it must be standard. If it is not in place, it is likely that you have practiced the wrong muscle: the one that you should n’t practice hard, but you have n’t.

Moderate bending: The elbow joint should be slightly bent, and if it is “tightened” too straight, it is easy to be injured.

  Learn to relax: Just doing dumbbell exercises, muscles and joints will be a little painful, do not prevent proper rest after exercise.