Eight steps massage to smooth skin wrinkles


Eight steps massage to smooth skin wrinkles

The recent Asian women’s skin condition survey report shows that how to delay the appearance of wrinkles is the most important issue for all women.

In fact, massage can also increase the elasticity of the skin and muscles, improve local blood circulation, increase skin gloss, and make wrinkles flat, which is very simple.

“Leaving no marks” requires persistence every day.

The ring finger is usually used for massage, and the middle finger can be used only when the key stimulation is performed.

  The first step: pressing the net forehead is the most prone to wrinkles.

Massage from the bottom to the top, then from the part to the outside, and finally slide your finger from the hairline to the temple, and press the beauty point of the temple hard.

You usually feel mild pain when you poke at this point, so look for it accordingly.

  The second step: The skin around the eyes of Yingyingmu is most prone to wrinkles and edema, and once the skin here changes, it is difficult to restore the original state.

  Prevention of small wrinkles around the eyes: Use your middle finger to move outward along the position of the lower eyelid, and perform a sliding massage with a little force. Gently slide on the skin when you return, and do this repeatedly 3 times.

The same goes for the upper eyelid.

  Prevention of small wrinkles around the corners of the eyes: From the outer corner of the eyes to the temple, press 10 times at the same time from left to right, and mention it diagonally upwards when pressing.

  The third step: reverse rubbing between the sharp nose and the nose is the most prone to wrinkles.

In order to fracture the bridge of the nose, the massage should be performed from the bottom to the top, and the fingers should be clamped on both sides of the nose to perform compression.

Also, make sure to get rid of the bad habit of wrinkling your nose!

  Step 4: Circle the peach blossom cheeks and move your fingers from bottom to top like a circle.

First massage the lower jaw to the ear, then from the corner of the mouth to the middle of the ear, and then around the nose to the temple, and then massage the lower part of the cheek in order, that is, 3 cm below the eyes, 1 cm at the nose and the jaw.
  Step 5: Because the cherry lips are often chewed, talked, and laughed, the corners of the mouth are also prone to dryness and wrinkles. You must always pay attention to prevent the corners of the mouth from sagging.

  During the massage, move the mouth corner upwards, press the middle part of the person with the middle finger, and press the other finger down to press the tip of the mouth corner and the side of the jaw.

  Step 6: Softly pressing the face of Qingxiu jawbone is also an external manifestation of age. It is necessary to tighten the jaw to prevent the appearance of double chins.

  The massage method for the lower jaw is: repeatedly rubbing and lifting with the palm, and finally press the middle finger to the bottom of the ear and stop.

There are mandibular nerves here. Do not apply excessive force.

  Step 7: Gently rubbing the swan’s neck is often a part that is not easily noticeable, but others can see it at a glance.

The affected skin is very thin, there are many activities, and it is often rubbed by clothes, so it is easy to produce aging such as wrinkles or darkening, so you should maintain it on weekdays.

Often apply lotion and lotion on a high scrub while massaging along the muscle lines.

For anionic massage, rub all fingers from bottom to top.

Note that there are carotid arteries at both ends of the coaxial, so light force is needed when blocked.

This can not only prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, but also improve blood circulation in the head and shoulders!

  Step 8: Dry clean the jade fox noodles. Use your palms to dry clean your face 20 times, at least twice a day.

This method can effectively prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles, and it can also make the formed wrinkles lighter and smaller.

Yi Nengjing and Maggie Cheung are all famous fox-faced beauties. If you stick to this method, you can also have a smooth and charming fox face.

  Massage is not magic at all, as long as you insist!