FBI Russian investigation report stirs Washington’s incorporation into tweet Mammoth

FBI “Russian” investigation report stirs Washington’s incorporation into tweet Mammoth

US President Donald predicted on the 12th citing the New York Times report, criticizing the FBI for launching an investigation against him for no reason.

  The report stated that the FBI investigated in 2017 whether or not to work for Russia, which in turn harmed US interests.

  Some senior members of the Democratic Party responded on the 12th and have read reports that they will continue to promote the investigation into Russia.

  [Direct Object]The New York Times reported on the 11th that several law enforcement officials who did not want to be named reported as sources. Each May 2017, FBI Director James Comey was dismissed.Initiate anti-espionage and criminal investigations.

  The investigation includes whether it poses a threat to US national security, whether it is working for Russia or is inadvertently affected by Russia, and whether Komi was expelled from justice.

  It is reported that the FBI’s work investigation was later merged with the Ministry of Justice’s special prosecutor Robert Miller’s investigation into Russia, and it is clear whether the former will continue to investigate the replacement separately.

  The Miller team has been investigating mergers and acquisitions since May 2017. The supplementary team has colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election and has not pointed the investigation directly at the target.

  [No evidence]Corrected multiple tweets on social media Twitter on the 12th, responding 深圳夜生活 that he had just learned from the report here that he had been investigated by the FBI, arguing that the investigation was unfounded and without evidence, and satirized that Komi was smallpeople.

  The veteran lawyer and former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, told the New York Times reporter that he knew nothing about the investigation.

Giuliani also highlighted that it had been a year and a half since the FBI initiated the investigation, and no wind was heard, and the other party saw nothing.

  The New York Times mentioned in the report that the FBI did not release any evidence that it had secretly contacted Russian officials or accepted Russian orders.

  The White House found the report ridiculous; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not respond directly to the report, but only told CBS reporters that the idea of a threat to US national security was ridiculous.

  [Political enemies to investigate]Published reports provided ammunition for Democrats.

  Gerald Nadler, a Democrat who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, said the committee will take steps in the coming weeks to defeat the better understanding of the president’s actions and the FBI’s response to the president’s actions.

  Nadler said in a statement that the FBI’s seriousness and professionalism are unquestionable and it will seek to protect those professional investigators from being attacked.

  Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat, said he could not decline to report details, implying that the committee would continue its investigations and links with Russia.

  Former personal lawyer at the far end, Michael Cohen, is set to testify in the House of Representatives on February 7 stating what he knows about insider affiliation.

To some media, the initial public hearing means that House Democrats will investigate and link the Republican president’s personal business interests to Russia.

  Russia has refused to interfere in the United States elections, arguing that the allegations made by the United States are baseless, and it is making excuses to initiate sanctions against Russia.

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