The old man nodded in response:“I have no opinion on your decision,And add,The candidate to represent the union has been decided,This one next to me。”

Xia Chenglong was still lying in a chair listening to everyone talking,Why did this suddenly turn to him。
Surprised others,President’s this is too scary。
The union representatives are the boy in front of the union conference?
This is definitely not a joke?
Judging from the breath radiating from Xia Chenglong at this moment,That is the strength of the fifth-grade body,It’s at most six or seven products,But this is not at the same level as the leader reported by other forces.。
Let’s not talk about other,The realm is a lot worse。
“President,I think let’s think about it again,This is a bit too sloppy!”
“Yes indeed,President,If it doesn’t work, let the ice go,Better than this。”
Everyone ignored Xia Chenglong before,It’s just to treat him as the next generation to be cultivated by the chairman,Never expected to be on the battlefield。
Even if it is a little bit strong,Not suitable for such important things,So everyone just puts him in their eyes,Even thought it was just an observer。
“how,You have opinions?”The old man replied。
Although everyone did not speak,But this is what it means。
“Old man,Did you see it,I’m not helping you,Your men don’t let the door,I see it!”Xia Chenglong gloating,Tactfully refuse。