How to massage eye fatigue

How to massage eye fatigue


With the center of the forehead as the starting point, the fingers of both hands are gently pushed from the central position to the temple, and then stopped at the temple for 3 to 4 seconds.

This set of actions is repeated 5 times to help promote blood circulation to the face.


Keep your eyes closed and gently block your eyes with your warm hands for about 30 seconds.

The warm palm helps the eye cream to double penetration and function.


Hold the fist in both hands, press the bone position of the index finger joint on the four white points under the eyes, and relax after staying for 3 seconds; repeating this 4 to 5 times can stimulate the blood circulation around the eyes and relieve the tired muscles of the fundus.


Insert the ring finger in the direction of the arrow and the force should be gentle.

If your eyes are very tired, you can use your fingertips to lower the rebound pressure at the fundus, stimulate blood circulation, and awaken the tired and tired eye skin.

After the massage, the skin will double the absorption of skin care products.


Use the ring finger to massage around the eyes in the direction of the arrow.

This is repeated 5 times, this action helps to improve the eye skin and prevent the eyelids from drooping.

Tip: 1.

Before the eye massage, the hot towel can be folded into the square to apply to the eyes; the hot steam helps to relieve eye fatigue and promote blood circulation.


When removing eye makeup, the intensity should be gentle. It is best to choose a small amount of soft cotton pad or cotton swab to assist.


The person working remotely at the computer should leave the screen every 30 minutes and shift the focus to a distant place to relax the fundus muscles.

In addition, some green plants are placed on the workbench and taken a look at rest to help relieve eye strain.


Some people are not greedy for myopia or farsightedness, and they don’t wear glasses for a long time. However, as long as this is going on, the concentration of the eyes is often increased, and the skin around the eyes is in a state of tension, resulting in impaired blood circulation.Eye skin problems.