Finished the second case of beer,The three of you just stopped,Laughed and walked down the restaurant。

First1251chapter Lead the wolf into the room
Wang Youcai came back from the hospital from Ni Xiaoli,I didn’t sleep for a while。
Mother-in-law is too tired,But he made several calls to his mother Chen Yueqin,Let her come up and help,But Chen Yueqin is just two words“Not help“
Wang Youcai really doesn’t know how he hurt his old lady’s heart,Made her so hard-hearted。this day,Wang Youcai was driven up by his mother-in-law,Let him go downstairs to buy vegetables。
Something like this,He said he didn’t want to do anything。But it’s different now,Can run out of this room for a while,It’s really a very happy thing for him。
Wang Youcai carrying a basket,Listlessly went to the vegetable market,According to the mother-in-law,He bought a basket of vegetables。Anyway, the price really doesn’t matter to him,He just wants to hide somewhere to avoid leisure。
But this hot day,It’s really hard to stay outside。Just when Wang Youcai was about to go home,Suddenly a beautiful voice from a woman came from behind:“Wang Ge!Why are you buying vegetables?!?“
Wang Youcai looked back,Could not help but be overjoyed,It turned out to be Xu Lihong。Although this woman says her face is not as white and tender as before,But the figure is still hot。Under a light yellow miniskirt,Where it is convex is convex,Where it should be concave。Wang Youcai took a look and couldn’t move。
“What’s wrong, brother Wang!You don’t know me anymore?“Xu Lihong said,come over,She dragged Wang Youcai to the shade of the tree。The sun at this time is scorching,Shine on people like toast。
Wang Youcai, who had recovered, smiled and said:“Why are you here!When did you go back to the city?“
“A few days back,A fellow introduced me to a job,I am waiting for news“Xu Lihong glanced at Wang Youcai,Said with a smile。
Wang Youcai frowned,Asked quietly:“What job?Are you going to the hotel again?!“
“Is not,Nanny“Xu Lihong whispered。
Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but feel happy。Can someone else hire a nanny?,Why can I invite you at home??If you hire a nanny,This will be liberated by itself,What’s more, let Xu Lihong go home,It is convenient for him!Thought of here,Wang Youcai couldn’t help laughing。
Xu Lihong saw Wang Youcai like this,Can’t help but ask:“What are you laughing at, brother Wang?“