Seasonal skin care tricks


Seasonal skin care tricks

Everyone who cares about skin care products will not be unfamiliar with Niu Er. This master known as the “beauty master” is not only a master of DIY skin care products, but also a “buster” for many skin problems.

One of his faces is the best license for “talent”-even if he can’t see how many years he has passed, his skin is even better than many young men and women.

Niu Er said that skin care will not be done once and for all. You need to have curiosity to keep learning and knowing and trying.

This time, he is going to teach everyone his “Summer and Autumn Season Skin Care”, everyone who wants “advanced” beauty fans, please listen carefully.

  Teach you DIY ingredients: 30ml extra virgin olive oil, helichrysum essential oil (3-6 drops), face cream Add 3-6 drops of vegetable essential oil (recommended helichrysum essential oil) to virgin extra virgin olive oil, shake well, then dailyAdd one or two drops to the cream and mix it with a moisturizing and beauty oil that can enhance the skin care effect; or you can take 4 drops of shaken plant olive oil and apply it to the four places of forehead, jaw, and chin. Take a deep breath.The forehead starts from top to bottom, from the middle to the sides, and begins to massage the modern advanced misunderstanding. Most people are not enough to apply sunscreen. Reporter: Do you think Beijing women have obvious misunderstandings in skin care?

  Niu Er: Some female friends in Beijing may have acne, which is because of the decline in immune function, so blindly using some anti-acne products will not work.

You should start with strengthening the skin’s moisturizing and hydrating and keratin maintenance conditioning. At this time, you should choose alcohol-free moisturizing lotion specifically for skin moisturizing, plus products that can actively repair the stratum corneum, and then use a cotton pad and wipe withThen use the pat method to wipe up the lotion, then apply the lotion, and then apply the cream. This mode is done to overcome the superfluous effect of doing “subtraction” to remove unwanted horny skin, which may block skin pores.The dirt is removed; the implant is being added, adding moisture to the skin.

  Reporter: You once said that sunscreen is important. Is it correct for everyone to use sunscreen products now?

  Niu Er: Everyone knows to apply sunscreen, but the amount is not enough.

In the design of sunscreen, 2 mg per square centimeter of skin is enough, but many people only apply 1/2 or 1/3, so the sun protection effect will be very poor.

So it’s better to wipe more than wipe less.

It takes 10 minutes to apply sunscreen, before, during, and after.

I will choose a day cream with SPF15 first; then I need to rub a higher SPF value, such as 30, a little more rubbing, if it is difficult to absorb, stop for a minute or two, let the skin absorb itself; finally rub it againPay attention to even rubbing the neck, and then make up again after rubbing, make up where the spots are most likely to occur, and then wait for a minute or two and pat gently.

Note that you must wait for enough time, otherwise the skin will not absorb it, and you will have to push it away when rubbing it.

  Seasonal care and warm massage after washing your face. Reporter: How do we adjust skin care and maintenance methods when changing seasons in summer and autumn?

  Niu Er: In a word, the amount of products used for washing should be halved, and the moisturizing and moisturizing should be added, such as the eye area, lip area, and lip area, which are particularly easy to dry, cannot be ignored.

  In the fall, moisturizing and hydrating is the most important and needs to be added.

If you use oil-controlled products in the summer, you ca n’t use them anymore from now on. The oil output is not necessarily because of your own oil, but the lack of water.

In autumn and winter, you should change to a moisturizing lotion and lotion.

If you are using a moisturizing product, you can continue to use it in this season, but you may feel that it is not enough. If so, increase the amount. If you still feel that it is not enough, you can blend some natural vegetable oils instead of roses.Fruit oil, olive oil, etc., add a few drops into the emulsion, the moisturizing effect can be completely achieved.

  In addition, cleaning requires “subtraction.”

You usually squeeze out two centimeters when washing your face with a facial cleanser, so squeeze one centimeter this season; maybe you have to knead the shell for dozens of times in the summer, twenty or thirty seconds, but rub it for ten seconds this seasonenough.

Wash your face with cold water when it gets colder and colder. If you use hot water, your face will be drier.

Therefore, it is better to use cooler water in autumn and winter.

  Reporter: In terms of the “plus and minus” of maintenance, what else should be paid special attention to?

  Niu Er: Do not exfoliate too much in the winter, you can usually use the action of wiping the lotion to exfoliate, this is a more gentle way to produce results.

  Then it is necessary to do more massage actions, which can promote absorption and really allow the product to penetrate into the skin; the massage action can also increase the temperature of the skin, so that the qi and blood itself will be better, and the skin will not be so dry.

I usually recommend two types of procedures: 1. Start using after removing makeup, circle in the direction from the middle to the outside, and circle from the bottom to the top. The lighter the better. Do not bring up the texture of the skin. Do it for two or three minutes.Next, you can wash your face with water. 2. Use a massage cream after washing your face, and wipe it off with a cotton pad and lotion after you finish.

  In addition, please remind everyone that when using cosmetic massage, you should rub your hands slightly, pat and insert gently.

  The application method to improve the efficiency of skin care products is particularly reminded that the application method to improve the efficiency of skin care products must pay special attention to the method when applying, use a relatively large stroking action, pull up from bottom to bottom during massage, and some under the neckClick on the acupuncture point to drain water and reduce swelling on the face.


Take out the amount of one yuan coin and spread it evenly on your fingertips. The fragrance level will be improved by the temperature on your fingertips.


Take a deep breath and close your eyes at the same time to feel the mystery and aromatherapy effect of the added essential oil.


On both toes, forehead, nose, and chin are centered at five points.


Gently rub your hands together, and apply a circular massage with your palms on your cheeks, forehead, and chin to help deep absorption.  5,

Apply a little pressure on the cheeks, forehead, and chin with the palm of your hand 2 to 3 times.