Summary experience viewing reality promotes work

Since the study of party history, all departments at all levels of Guizhou have jointly completed the experience of the party, the viewing reality, and the promotion of work, combined with the actual problem, the history of the party, the real thing, do real things, and open a new bureau Throughout the whole, from the history of the 100-year-old party, inheriting the Communists as the people’s feelings, stick to the initial courage to make the mission, condensed around the "four new" main attack "four-way", putting party history learning education results Transforming to promoting the practice of high quality development.

Studies and efforts to learn the history of wisdom and strength is the most vivid, most convincing textbook.

Guizhou is one of the provinces of the central Red Army’s long-term activities and the most popular provinces. On the long row, the great turning between Zunyi Conference, the great turret of the Siuntui, the heroic fearlessness of the golden Shajiang … deeply highlights the great revolutionary spirit of the Red Army, and became the vivid textbook for the promotion of party history education in the province.

The departments of all parts of Guizhou use red resources, continuous red blood, inherit the red gene, and solidly promote the education of party history and education.

The Provincial Natural Resources Department has established the leadership of the party committee, the party committee leads the school, the grassroots party organizations have deeply learned the "five-learning" mechanism of the young theory learning team to promote the school, party members’ personal consciousness, let the majority of party members and cadres feel the great strength, draw forward power .

The province’s discipline inspection and monitoring organs are integrated with the three topics of "school history, migration, school history, learning history, and school", and guide party members through school history, talk about party history. Cadres adhere to the initial mission and strictly perform their duties.

In the province’s cadres, in the education of party history, the people’s spirit of nourishing party spirit, firm ideals, constantly improving political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and topos of innovation, and work in modernization go ahead. Learning History History to learn from the historical history.

It is necessary to learn from the party’s history education, use the party’s glorious tradition, good style, and party’s practice and historical experience, guidance, and promotion, and implement various work.

Tongren City continues to innovate, putting party history education and organic combination of "two sessions" in the province, in accordance with the "one district two gardens" work ideas, forming Red Second, Red Sixth Army, head of Guizhou Comprehensive Exhibition Park, Zhou Yi The "1 + 7" red position such as the group martyrs, promoting the development of red cultural inheritance and red cultural tourism development.

Southeastern China has transformed history’s wisdom and experience into the ability to promote development, transforming into a powerful passion of business entrepreneurship, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary of the True Principality inspected Guizhou’s important speech spirit, close attention to "four new" main goals, tight "four "The main starting hand, solid promoting the three-year multiplication plan of the industrial development," Qiangzhou House "five-year action, etc. The Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Office tested the topic of party history, convene the spiritual session of the province to promote the new urbanization and "Quality Association" working conference, and promoted the implementation of new urbanization construction. With the in-depth development of party history, in Guizhou, party organizations and majority of party members and cadres have always adhere to their thinking, learn what they have realized, and they have to promote high quality development of economic and social. In the period of the reunification of the people, the Red Army becomes well in Guizhou, the opening of the grain, the relief, the poor, "Chairman Mao sent sweater" "two copper plates" story penetration history, reflecting the future. Entering the new era, Guizhou is based on the party history, keep in mind the service tenet, practice the act of the people, and conscientiously implement the various Huimin policies, and strives to create a good production and living environment for the masses. The Office of the Provincial Party Committee surrounded the spirit of Guizhou’s important speech, focusing on the "urgent expensive" problem, in-depth investigation and research, and provides important decision-making services for the economic and social high quality development. The Zunyi City is highly efficient, and the country is lifted by the country, the peasant is rich and rich, with the "four in the farmhouse, beautiful rural" well-off action as a carrier, vigorously implemented the rich, shaping soul, strong base Three major projects, fully enhance the living standards of the people.

Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, guarding the river, keeping the people’s heart.

Since the development of party history, the majority of party members and cadres in Guizhou have deeply entered the grassroots, listen to the people, solve the worries, and use their heart to use their own efforts to do good people’s livelihood.

(Guizhou Daily Daocuan Journalist Ma Hongmei).