Can yoga practitioners only be vegetarian?

Can yoga practitioners only be vegetarian?

Do yoga people have to be vegetarian?

If you have the habit of practicing yoga in the morning, you will find that if you eat too much meat last night, your body will be a bit heavy this morning, or the food will still be left in the stomach, especially when the hands are folded up and shortened.I feel the strongest, how viyasa jumps is not easy.

  Meat is the source of human acidification. The reason is that the digestive system is still working overtime. You give him too many orders. It has indigestion. From a medical point of view, it is clear that vegetarian food is more suitable for the human body than meat.The structure is different. For example, the intensity of human stomach acid is only one tenth that of carnivorous animals, but the length of intestines is six times that of height, but carnivorous animals are only three times the length of body, so spoiled meat can be transferred quickly.in vitro.

  Medical research also proves one thing: it is the most difficult to digest in the stomach and it takes four hours, so students who love pork belly or fat-saturated Matsusaka steak should eat less, do n’t eat more, otherwise your body will become more and moreThe sourness, in the end, was like a nail in Cola. It disappeared, and even the bones were found.
The blood of cancer patients is extremely acidic, so the cells cannot survive. No wonder the cells will be mutinous, and it is your mouth that harms it.

  To be honest, being a vegetarian is a process and a revision of your ideas. It’s more important than being a vegetarian but complaining in your heart. Don’t care too much about other people’s thoughts.

“Wow, not all of you who are studying yoga are vegetarian, so why are you eating meat?”

Please, the Buddha is also a vegetarian, but in times of urgency, he also eats human milk, but he calms down after the heart, and only those who are good can talk about it.

  Similarly, ideas determine ideas, ideas lead actions, actions determine outcomes, and outcomes determine success or failure in life.

It is more important to establish the correct source of information from the point of view. This is brainwashing. Every day, everyone is brainwashed with various messages coming from the mountains. The important thing is to screen important information.

  The shortest protein that can be digested is the fruit, which takes only one to two hours.
If the protein and fiber in the vegetables are extended to four hours at the same time, it is recommended that you do not eat too many types of vegetables at one meal, at most three to five, because the stomach is so small that you ca n’t digest the vegetables to the large intestineIgnoring it, I had to make it ferment and cause swelling, or make the bowel move poorly.

  To return to the true story, how to deal with the aftermath, I suggest you eat fruits and liquid foods like porridge and noodles the next day, and do n’t eat thick things like noodles or sweet or spicy to reduce the burden on the body.It’s better to be able to fast for a day, rest assured, you won’t pass out after a day, modern people only have excess nutrition and no malnutrition. You think too much.