Do not gargle after meals, be careful of teeth falling out

Do not gargle after meals, be careful of teeth falling out

Like everyone, I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day. If I do n’t have time, I will rinse my mouth. However, I will extend my brushing time at night and cooperate with oral exercises or gums.

  I like to use a soft-bristled brush. The size of the brush head should be comfortable for myself.

There are no special requirements for toothpaste, because proper brushing habits and methods are far more important than toothbrushes.

  Here I tell you a secret: my unique secret to protecting my teeth is “to match meals with coarse and fine grains, to gargle and brush my teeth in time after a meal.”

The content of sugar and protein in fine grains is relatively high, and it is easy to stick to the teeth or between the teeth when chewing. If there are coarse grains or vegetables, fruits and other coarse fiber foods in each meal, the viscosity of fine grains will be reduced when chewingKeeps food from sticking to your teeth.

  Drinking coffee and tea for a long time tends to yellow and blacken the teeth.

In order to prevent “coloring” of the teeth, it is recommended that you drink coffee every time. If you can’t rinse your mouth in time, licking the tongue surface up and down with your tongue can also partially remove the coffee remaining on the tooth surface.

Friends who like to drink tea, might as well try it.