“Brand and reputation,”Chen Geng said:“As long as we can keep the quality stable,Will gradually describe a kind of‘Although the motorcycle produced by the Jialing factory is a bit expensive,But it’s worth it,The quality of others is good,Expensive also makes sense,I haven’t repaired it in recent years,Much better than those bargains’。

Another benefit from this is,When everyone recognizes that our product quality is better than others、After the price is more expensive than others,Naturally, it will be recognized that the Jialing brand is more advanced than other brands,And Jialing Factory can always maintain a relatively high profit level……Ok,This is‘The smell of wine is not afraid of the deep alley’Old brand。”
Some years later,That’s what the god car does。
at the same time,Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming have only one feeling in their hearts:God!
“Listen to you,Winning ten years of reading”Not enough to describe the mood of the two at the moment,The two are not fools after all,Understand immediately,Although aligning the quality of domestic and export products seems to increase the cost of the company,But actually not only did not rise,On the contrary, there is still a chance to make Jialing Motorcycle like“Quanjude”Such an old brand。
When everyone is only staring at this little profit,Chen Geng pointed out to Jialing Factory that without government support,How to build a century-old store——Just this remark,At least worth 100,000 yuan!
Sun Shoupeng, who was also at a loss, didn’t tell Chen Geng,Otherwise, Chen Geng will be mad at death:Lao Tzu’s words are worth 100,000 yuan?!
“Mr. Chen,We got it,You are all good words for money,We have nothing to thank you for,I can only talk about my heart。”Finished,Excited and flushed Sun Shoupeng,Bowed deeply to Chen Geng:“Please tell me if you have anything in the future,As long as our Jialing factory can do,Absolutely nothing!”
Cheng Xingming, who reacted, also hurriedly bowed to Chen Geng:“Mr. Chen,Thank you for your kind words。”
Chen Geng is in a hurry:“What are you two doing?As for……”
“As for,Too much,”Sun Shoupeng nodded heavily:“After I go back, I will convey the meaning at the meeting,From now on,It is the core spirit of our Jialing factory to maintain the same quality and quality of domestic and export products.,No matter who will be the director,Must pass on this spirit!”
From this moment on,The spirit of the Jialing Factory has been passed down for a hundred years.,That is:No matter when,Regard quality as life,Domestic and foreign customers are equally important。