This is what the man is responsible.,It is also the sense of responsibility of the family.!

NS899chapter I finish speaking……
Farace is light,Except for religious activities,Traditional customs are every Lunar New Year’s Day,Every household must eat“fast”,This custom,It is related to the popularity of Buddhism in China.。certainly,This is a later thing。
Because Buddhism is originally can’t help but eat meat,Later, because of a political order of Liang Wu Emperor Xiao Yan,Don’t eat meat,After that, it was passed down.。Since then,Farace is also slowly starting to spread,And carry forward a large!
The biggest feature of fastness is that there is no animal raw material。Even some plant raw materials,Garlic、Slope、Salted, etc. is also disabled。Gao Bai is a banquet in the great majestic temple,Of course to take care of people’s face。
You are in the temple,Is this not a face??The more you go to the height,The more you want to look at the road,I can’t help it.。
time flies,When the flower light is on the morning,The temple door is covered with lanterns,At first glance, there is a guest to go to the door.。Reason,Buddha door is clean,This should not be so public。
However, Gao Bao is hard to order“dress up”A little lively,Cause no,Because here is the Royal Monastery of the North Qi Gaoyu!
Breaking the mystery here,Add some city wells,Some of the family also become the royal temple“Seat belt”,Helps to suppress the authority of the high royal。
As for the Gao Bo Yi wants to do,Don’t ask you know,But now is in warm water.,Means of the way don’t have too many。
Yang Wei,Cui Jihu and other familiar faces are,also,There are some faces or have never seen.,Anyway,These people are not ordinary people.。
Everyone came to the twelve golden Buddha’s hall,See the 12 big gold Buddha you have packed,One is surprised to get together!
certainly,Exactly“Pure gold”still is“Gold-plated”,That is to say.。At this time, gold plating technology is very mature.
“Large manager,Do not,Kings,You set a ban in this Buddhist Tang today.,It’s some elegant interest.。”
Cui Ji Shu is hitting an eye.,Smile。
Someone is in the hall,What is negotiated?。
The first one is Gao Baoyi called them.?Last time“Entry”Although the event is not completely flat,But it is also on the road,Sooner or later。Take the power of Takham,Don’t worry about it at all。
So what is he doing today??
The second thing is more interesting。
Twelve Golden Buddha in this Buddhist Hall,If it is gold-plated,That’s nothing to say,Just as Gao Bi is a forced today.,Everyone drinks drinking,Go back and if you don’t occur。
However, if these golden Buddha is terrible, it is terrible.!
This shows that there will be a huge number in the hands of Gao Biyi.“hard currency”,He can use these gold,In exchange for food on the market,Iron,The materials needed to fight the horses。
As a result,Fight against Jinyang Six Town,Grasping and invisible a lot。
“Ya is not good,Today is coming to everyone.,It’s coming to discuss things.!”
Gao Boyi said with a smile。
Everyone is probably not expected to go to Gao Baoyi.,I don’t think of my dumb 谜 at all.,One time is, it is somewhat.。
“So dare to ask us to find us.,What is it for discussing??”
An old man sitting behind him asked,He is from Taishan Sheep,Although it is not as good as Zhao County, Li’s home world,But it is also the existence of it is underestimated.。
“Nature is the big golden Buddha behind you.。Come,Don’t say these now,Come on a dish!”
Half,Gao Biyi deliberately said。Greeting into hitch and others,soon,A grunge looks on the table in front of each person。
Just this time,The appetite of everyone has been mobilized by Gao Baoyi.,Where is Gu to eat?!
Even if you give them a meat,These people are also tasteless,That is chewing。
Others are not good asking Gao Bo Yi,Gao Boyi does not say。Everyone, I am a nonsense, talking without oil salts.,There are also a little lively atmosphere on the scene.。
Can’t drink in the temple,Eat half of eating,Yang Wei finally couldn’t help but ask:“The big monarch is still telling us directly.。”
“Jinyang’s army came,I deeply feel that the city army needs,Need a lot of money to buy military needs,These golden Buddhas,It’s time to get。”
Gao Baoyi said。