This sentence is heard by a uncle.。

The uncle suddenly frowned,Suddenly be vigilant:“I listen to others say,Some monsters in the mountains will become a variety of images,Or let people have an illusion,Trust to defraud。”
Tell this,All in all。
Suddenly, even the police is not so kind.,Caring for a few people in the door,I quickly retired back,Pinch stick。
“Comrade!We are the real police,Certificate of documents!”
“Don’t doubt it.!”
“correct,They are real police。”Zhou also comes out to explain,Say that the buns still stay,“You don’t tell me this morning to come here to play??I heard you say this is very good.,Exact weekend,Idle,I will ride a motorcycle with Nan Ge.,When I climbed the mountain, I was still talking about it, I would not even encounter you.,The result is halfway,Suddenly get a fog,Then I met the police in the mountain,They say people on the mountains have encountered dangers.,Let us do not act alone,So I followed it.。”
“Nan Ge fell to,Dedicated by two police uncle。”Zhouzhi said。
Uncle police……
A policeman who is a big year of him picked him a helpless look.。
I nodded.,It is reasonable。
But she still hiding deep in the crowd,Quietly loudly,Tentatively:“Do you know what I bought for Nan Ge before??”
“Ma Ren Runner Pills。”
Buns are close to the mouth,Side to everyone“He is indeed my brother”,Going out of the crowd on the side,Go and walk away from around,The little hand pinchs the wooked corner and looks at him.:“cousin,Monster!”
Zhou Zhihe。
Police comrades,Continue to negotiate before busy,Finally got people trust,Get everyone in the door。
“Police comrades!In the end what happened?”
“We have two friends.?”
“What is the beast you said??”
“It is impossible to be an ordinary http://www.natural-change.cn beast.?”
Everyone used a trembling voice to throw a series of questions.。
An instruction of the Tianshi’s logistics personnel:“Don’t worry,The other two we have found it.,They were hurt,Has been taken to treatment,Don’t worry about everyone.,As for what this is caused,After waiting,We will explain for you。I hope that everyone will put it down.、Relaxation spirit,Just follow us going down the mountain.,Also don’t pass the things here,Exempt from panic。”
This is the way the Tianshi is commonly used in the people who contact the monster event.。
Truthfully,Remind confidentiality。
But not forced to keep confidentiality,Leak is not punished。
Therefore, there are more and more things to come out online.,There are more and more people to believe that there is a monster in the world.。
Zhou is away from http://www.wsenjie.cn the little cousin,He whispered a little girl who held a cup but did not drink.:“Terrible,It turns out that this world does not think so simple.。”
The little girl is a sister.。
Zhouzhi observed her,Concern:“Are you afraid?”
“Start not afraid。”
“and after。”
“A little fear。”
“Is it a bit??”
“The more I want to be more afraid。”Small cousin is very honest,He is tight behind him,“Top brother, what about you??”
“fine。”Turn around。
“you’re so weird。”Small cousin is weak。