At the end of this year, the broadband administrative village will be dynamically clear.

Original title: At the end of this year, the broadband administrative village will dynamically clear this newspaper Beijing May 17th (Reporter Wang Zheng) reporter learned from 2021 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day: At present, my country’s administrative village fiber and 4G proportions All exceeded 99%, this year, strive to achieve dynamic clearness of unwanted broadband administrative villages.

In recent years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has focused on fundamentals, promoting integration, strict supervision, strong service, Huimin students, providing "use, affordable, good" for ordinary people.

Aspects of "use", rural and urban "same network at the same speed", urban and rural "digital divide" significantly narrowed. Aspect, since the second half of last year, with the 5G construction process accelerated, mobile network unit traffic has dropped by 10%.

According to the monitoring of the global mobile communication association, my country’s mobile communication users are expenditized, which is lower than the average of the global dollar. "Well-used", mobile APP exceeds 3.5 million, enriches the production and life of the people. In March, mobile users have reached 34% year-on-year. According to the International Speed ??Mechanism, my country’s mobile network rate ranks fourth in the world, and fixed broadband speed ranks sixtens worldwide.

"People’s Daily" (07th edition, May 18, 2021) (Editor: Yuan Yu, Luo Wei).