What should I do to learn Taiji before playing Tai Chi?

What should I do to learn Taiji before playing Tai Chi?

Ideologically, you have to think about it. Why do you want to learn Taijiquan? Is it treated with seriousness and too much?

If you don’t think about these issues, don’t rush to learn.

Because it takes a lot of money to learn a set of Tai Chi, many people learn Tai Chi Chuan halfway, waste their time and waste the teacher’s time.

Time to prepare for Tai Chi is best to insist on practicing in order to have a good fitness effect.

You have to think about whether you can take minutes to half an hour to practice every day. If you can’t, it’s best not to practice.

The preparation of the place to practice Tai Chi is not limited, but there is always a certain place.

For example, the living room, courtyard, office, park, park, etc. in the home can be practiced. It is necessary to see if it is big enough, is it relatively quiet, is it convenient, is it possible to avoid the wind and so on?

The teacher’s choice to learn Tai Chi is best to follow the teacher, no one is not easy to practice.

It is very important to have a good teacher.

The Taijiquan teachers in the society are not good or bad, and some are not very good at Taiji, but they are always eloquent and even confusing.

Some teachers have too many problems, and teach you to “eat and get cards” all the time, making students unbearable.

Therefore, the selection must be cautious.

The choice of clothing is best in Tai Chi, no general sportswear or even casual wear. Just loose it.

The choice of shoes is generally softer sneakers.

I prefer old Beijing shoes, mainly breathable, sweat-absorbing, the shortcoming is that the bottom is not durable, but now there is also a rubber foundation, breathable, poor sweat absorption, but still better than sports shoes.

If you are punching a solid wood floor at home, it is best to wear floor shoes and not easily wear the floor.