Guorui Technology (600562) Incident Review: Restructuring achieved breakthrough results, high-quality assets boosted performance

Guorui Technology (600562) Incident Review: Restructuring 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 achieved breakthrough results, high-quality assets boosted performance

Event: The company announced that the reorganization plan has been adjusted. It plans to issue shares to acquire 100% equity of Guorui Defense, issue shares and pay cash to acquire 95% of Guorui Xinwei, but it will no longer acquire Guorui Group.Some Guo Rui An Taixin 59% shares.

The company announced that the transaction plan has been passed at the second meeting of the eighth board of directors of the listed company and has obtained the principled consent of the SASAC of the State Council. The asset transfer related to Guorui Defense, one of the subject of the transaction, has been obtained by the Ministry of Finance.Approved.

Viewpoints: The company’s restructuring plan has made breakthrough progress, and the military’s core assets injection has 厦门夜网 been affirmed. The new plan excludes Guo Rui An Taixin, which has the smallest revenue and profit (the management risk caused by the death of the general manager’s traffic accident).

The testing, development, production, sales and service of Guorui Antaixin’s main ordnance electronic information products and comprehensive support equipment, etc. According to the original scheme, Guorui Antaixin’s 2019 net profit forecast is only 16.8 million yuan, so the plan excludes the targetThe company’s future earnings are absolutely material.

The new plan raises Guorui’s defense net profit forecast.

2019 by 2.

9.8 billion to 3.

180,000 yuan (+6.

6%) by 3 in 2020.

1.6 billion to 3.

4.4 billion (+8.

7%), by 3 in 2021.

7.3 billion to 3.

8.2 billion (+2.


At the same time, the evaluation price of Guorui Defense was raised to 63.

1.9 billion.

Guorui ‘s radar products cover all the export models and corresponding domestic models of the 14 export licenses. The profitability has changed. The increase in net profit also shows the confidence of the 14 assets involved in future profitability.

Approved by the SASAC and the Ministry of Finance.

The restructuring plan has obtained the principled consent of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and the most important transaction subject-Guorui Defense’s asset transfer has been approved by the Ministry of Finance, indicating that the restructuring has achieved breakthrough progress.

In the future, it will also need to pass the military affairs review of the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, the filing and final approval of the SASAC, and the approval of the CSRC.