Huo Yunhe always Leng Ran,Rarely show emotions,Lu Xin’s eyes stayed on him,See him anxious、See him upset、See him depressed.

Look at him from time to time to the entrance of the banquet hall,Watch him leave the seat,Watch him call.This is the expression of falling in love。
Yun He,Didn’t you guys stay together sweetly the other day??How can you be so worried today?So unconfident,Is that you?
Yun He,You are so good,But the vision is so bad,Lu Yao, the scheming woman,She has been playing with you,I am the one who loves you most。
Lu Yao,Do not,Is willow,You guys are dating so high-profile,But did not appear on such an important occasion today,Don’t blame me for taking action!
Although Jinxiu District is old,But the security is very strict,The security asked him to contact the owner,Otherwise cannot enter。
Huo Yunhe only knows that Yang Liu lives in this community,Don’t know the exact address,The phone still doesn’t turn on,He doesn’t know what to do。
The building in front of you is hidden in the dark,Countless windows are brightly lit,But he doesn’t know which building his girlfriend lives in,I have no choice but to leave。
Watch him go,The conscientious security guard told his colleagues:“strange,A very smart person,Why don’t you know where your girlfriend lives??Moreover,Although there are many residents here,But the owner’s surname is Ms. Yang,No owner belongs to Mr. Yang,Did you say he met a liar??”
“do not know,This matter is not ours,still is……”
They don’t speak loudly,Huo Yunhe still heard,Just didn’t take it to heart。
The spirited old man,All night is beaming,suddenly,Face changed,Then returned to normal。
When the guests leave home,Called his son and grandson who were going to rest with a gloomy face,“Come here。”
Lu Liang and Dad looked at each other,Don’t understand what’s wrong,All night,Why did my brows frown when I got home??
It stands to reason that today’s birthday banquet is very successful,Luxurious pomp,Host and guest,AAll the famous figures in the city were present,Even the most difficult Lu Yao,Congratulations?
What else is the old man dissatisfied with?
Mrs. Lu doesn’t know what her husband’s temper is,Pulling daughter-in-law and granddaughter without calling,Also went to the study。