of course,If a true god,It’s not difficult to get this kind of treasure for ordinary practice。

But this kind of treasure at the same level is hard to find。
Li Ming also tried,【Enlightenment Altar】with【Sambo Lingxiang】By acting,It can increase the training efficiency of the second soul by about half。
And the deity’s soul is much weaker,Enlightenment efficiency can be increased by about three times—In fact, the improvement effect is slightly closer。
“These treasures are almost ready,Next, we have to arrange the Zhongshan World。”
“Xuelong、Liu Xiang still chants peace,Come to me。”
After counting interest。
Three figures appeared in front of Li Ming。
Xuelong,It’s Xuelong Daozu,Is another Taoist strong man who took refuge in Li Ming,Its realm is slightly stronger than Liu Xiang。
Of course Liu Xiang is a god and demon body,Have body protection supernatural powers,I really want to fight no less than Xuelong。
Nian An,Li Ming’s disciple,Now I understand the second-class true fairy of the Avenue of Stars,Eighteen clones,He is the number one powerhouse under Li Ming’s Dao Ancestor。
“Palace Lord!”The ancestor of Xuelong Dao is an old man with white beard and hair,Extraordinary bearing,Nine snow dragons surround the light-colored robe,Is a very free and easy Taoist ancestor,In Zhongshan Mansion, it is similar to the identity of Keqing。
“Brother Zhulong!”Liu Xiang was bestowed by Li Ming《Indestructible》Supernatural powers,The divine body is approaching the innate best spirit treasure。Now walking is full of spirit。
“Master!”Su Nian’an is almost invincible among the true immortals,Only those celestial gods who have realized the power of the fourth realm can compare with him,But in front of the teacher and the other two true gods and ancestors, they are naturally very humble。
“The three of you are here!”Li Ming with a smile,“Next,I want to do a dive,Long retreat,So Zhongshan Mansion will be handed over to you。”
“Liu Xiang,When i dived,You temporarily take the responsibility of Palace Master Zhongshan!”A dark spear appeared in Li Ming’s hand,“This Chaos Lingbao,I’m in charge of you temporarily!”
“Brother Xie Zhulong,I will try my best to lead my Zhongshan Mansion!”Liu Xiang has a long life span,I have Chaos Lingbao in my hand,It just doesn’t fit itself。But the Lingbao that Li Ming got in Chaos is suitable for him。
“Xuelong,You are my guest of Zhongshan Mansion,But when I was practicing in retreat,I still ask you to think more,This treasure as reward。”A set of eighteen innate spirit treasures and flying sword magic treasures emerge。
This Lingbao,It’s Li Ming walking the Three Realms,A set of magic weapons obtained after taking back the cave mansion left behind as a candle dragon。