Block the "real bottle of fake goods" vulnerability

For an empty cosmetics empty bottle, some people seek to collect at a high price of tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan. Media investigation found that there are many suspected "ox" for second -hand platforms to acquire empty bottles, and most of the recovered empty bottles are used for secondary packaging.

Coincidentally, the judicial organs have recently investigated and dealt with a case -sale case. The gang involved in the case purchased a cosmetics empty bottle from the second -hand platform, and the genuine cosmetics were diluted and diluted.

The empty bottle "eats", disrupts market order, and supervision cannot be absent.

Second -hand platform information releases simple and low -propagation costs, and the recovery of empty bottle recycling online transactions can effectively curb counterfeit and inferior products. On the one hand, it is necessary to strictly investigate and strictly investigate, combine online supervision and offline law enforcement to improve the illegal cost of fake and fake soldiers; on the other hand, compact the second -hand transaction website responsibility, urge the platform to improve the review mechanism, strictly review information And publishers, find problems in time.

In the process of consumer transactions, the platform can also remind the pop -up window for such information publishing settings to inform consumers’ risks of trading.

Do not dispose of the empty bottle at will, and do responsible consumers. Every time a cosmetics empty bottle is sold, it means that there may be more people who buy fake goods. Those who sell bottle seem to be profitable, but maybe one day becomes the object of being cheated by fake goods.

Consumers can avoid becoming victims if they are illegally supplying cosmetics empty bottles from the source. Consumers should be vigilant, face the temptation of high -priced recycling, brighten their eyes, report fraud in a timely manner, improperly produce fake "accomplice", and jointly maintain a good consumption order and consumer environment. The empty bottle is not unable to recover, but must establish a complete recycling mechanism.

For cosmetics manufacturers, the formal passage of the packaging and circulation of packaging allows the empty bottle to "go", which can reduce production costs, but also reduce the market on the market. Essence

Some brands set up self -service recycling machines in the mall. It is a good way to attract consumers to participate in reward measures such as "replacement of new new" and rewarding with scores. Everyone is responsible for cracking down on fraud.

Improve management mechanisms, improve supervision capabilities, improve awareness of prevention, jointly block the loopholes of "real bottles of fake goods", promote the healthy development of the cosmetics market, and make consumers feel relieved.

(Han Xiaoqiao).